Our drive home from work, monotone converstation: Leigh-Ann: "Tys, do you wanna go spraypaint stop signs with me?" Tyson: "You're not serious." Leigh-Ann: "Yes. I am. I'll cut stencils that say 'Never' and 'Caring', and it can say Never STOP Caring to encourage people." Tyson: "Honey, that's vandalism and you'll get fined." Leigh-Ann: "We'll do it at night. Like taggers. They always get away with it." Tyson: "Honey, Taggers are hoodlums; not women in cars with stencils." Tysons' stop sign suggestions: 1. "Help STOP Vandalism" (I craphed at that one. Combo of Crying Laughter) and 2. "Help STOP the oppression of minorities in Canada". Any other suggestions, post them in the comments.


  1. What are you thinking Leigh-Ann???? I hope you're not serious????? What's with the NEW word hoodlums, you trying to get me????

    Signed, YOU KNOW WHO

  2. Oh Mom, You are so funny! He really did say hoodlums. That was the literal transcript of our conversation.

  3. hahah this is so funny, not only you and ty, but you and your mom too! hmmm... i dont have any ideas :(

  4. Hi

    First of all allow me to restate my firm objections to this particular idea. I will not spray paint stop signs.

    Second, the word "hoodloms" is not exclusive to the people from the era in which it originated (1920ish), but is a free word for us all to use, and one I use on a regular basis, and have since I was young.

    Third, now that I have put two of my favorite ladies into thier place I must run.... and hide.... and hope they don't end up checking this again.

    Oh the foibles of unthought internet bravery, for if I stood with you face to face, I would not have the guts to say such things. Or would I?

    In conclusion I love you both very much and no matter what crazy ideas and assumptions the two of you come up with you're still good in my books.



  5. dont STOP trying.
    STOP complaining.
    STOP time.
    or at least slow it down.
    love your site,

  6. :) He he he he, you never cease to make me laugh!!

  7. Okay, So Tyson, you crack me up Dude! I agree completely with the use of the term "hoodlums"!! It is an excellent and very much needed word, especially in our times now! Also, please continue to have funny monotone conversations with your lovely wife and make them accessible for my viewing plealsure! I would appreciate it much! and oh yeah, ....."Hey there Tyson, I really really like ya......"

    Reese's cup

  8. STOP
    the insanity

    to smell the flowers

    (which means a roll through stop)

    Sounds like fun!

  9. Don't stop Loving
    Never stop dancing
    Please stop smoking
    Why stop Laughing
    Please stop Me
    Go stop Go

  10. holy cow, I am laughing so hard at this. *chuckling.


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