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Kody showed me the most beautiful song & video ever(see bottom). It was this or Rob Zombie. lol.
Then made me laugh a lot. See direct quotes:
- He said "You're festively plump." Am i poultry or something?!
- "During commercials, i watch channel 27, bravo. They have odd artists that you only like if you're in a bookclub or you're in a club where they snap fingers. They have good stuff on there."
- Telling me about how he checks his email 2-3 times an hour, Dad says to him "What is it you're checking on there so much? You checking if someone actually likes you?"
- During all this humour, he's going thru my itunes. Choosing from 350 songs, he picked 250 (took out the Tysons Jazz and Third Day; but listened to each and every song to see if he liked it.) {Sidebar: Our favorite was a Paris Hilton compliation of her saying "Thats Hot" for a minute and a half... we laughed each time!} Anyways... In the end he goes to transfer it to his ipod, 250 listens later and this was the dialog "Aghhhh. This sucks! Says right here i can't do it witha different library! I should have tested it on the first one. Frickin Lame."
This discovered after 2 hours of searching. With his jacket on the whole time.
Love ya Kody :)
Seriously, i LOVE this song! So pretty.


  1. Hey Leigh-Ann, just read your blog about Kody's comments, and I'm busting a gut at it, I can just here him saying these things.(drinking a glass of wine along with reading them makes it even funnier)
    Love the thick girl, cause he has the most stupid terms. And checking his email, Dad's comment, they are both alike AND related!!!
    That's why he couldn't transfer songs from your computer to his ipod, because of his stupid comments like festively plump, someones getting him. Serves him right!!! :)LOL

  2. leighann call me when u get this

    its ur brother

  3. correction to who ever reads this i dont check my email 2 or 3 times in one our, i said i check it once every 2 to 4 hours

  4. Reminds me so much of my brother!! Especially the jacket!!

  5. okay...i couldn't get to this pretty song you were writing about...who sings it and what's it called....SHARE!!!
    You know Leigh-Ann, Michele is turning out to be a better "blog-commenter" than you....(wink)

  6. Found your blog from a link from someone else's (Alice's?).

    Anyway I had to comment on your totes - they are "tote-ally" COOL!

    I also LOVE this song - tell me who it is please?

    in BC

  7. Kody, I hear you said "amanda's no supermodel anymore", I had twins for crying out loud, what do you expect, kiss my ass!!!!! lol


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