convo with karisa

Random things that can be heard if walking by me and Karisa's conversation tonight
(Me/Karisa/July...Circa 2001)
  • "Do you want your husband to BE a subsandwich?!"
  • "So ah, have you kissed anyone ever yet?"
  • "Come inside spawn of satan."

  • "he tore his shirt in half like the Hulk, reconfigured it into a short-shirt and mini-skirt...and pretended to be Brittney Spears. "
  • "He was digging a hole for a pipe. For what? It's the mouse underground railroad--but that's another story."
  • "She pees sideways. It feels less dirty."
  • "You could even win a free car. /Ya-but then you have to pay taxes on it. /It's a free car. Don't complain."
  • "Oh, I remember why I called. I need apologize to you b/c i once said to you i hate the show 'King of Queens'. I was wrong. It is the funniest and my new favorite show."
  • "We don't swim much, but i got a really cute new bathing i can if i want."

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  1. HA! I love you SOOOOOOO much!!! And "You guys are psycho! Who else dresses their "Tyson" up in a little Brittney SPears outfit?!" all my kisses and craphs to you, Leigh-Anndra!!


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