I started a Formspring :)

It's a site where you can ask me questions and my answers are posted public :) 


  1. OH MY GOSH this is crazy! I was thinking about asking you if you had a formspring because I wanted to ask you a question! Just today I was thinking about it! (while I was watching your videos on youtube and looking at your past posts!)

  2. I asked you a question. :) You should try to guess which question is mine. It will be a fun game. (And probably not tooooo difficult!)

  3. teehee you got Mandi's wrong! that was mine with the GASP favorite etsy store...

  4. I also asked you a question, LA :) Because I wasn't paying attention that I could just, you know, leave a regular comment...

    I was mentioning that we have the same background, and because I have an irrational fear of taking things that don't belong to me, I wanted to make sure that you found it via photobucket/flickr/random 'blue-green background' searches too.

    I've been searching for others, but I've been thinking, what if one day, I find another awesome Kyla Roma and one of her bloggy buds has the same one? :)

    I love your space here, and can't wait to see the new one on December 1st!


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