4 Things :)

1. This is another clue :)
I'm making a video this weekend to share the news and will post it Monday afternoon. It includes a dance sequence ;)

Two summers back...
2. When we're thrifting and he sees a bike or scooter, I turn around and he's off riding it THROUGH the store... poppin wheelies, ringing the bell and zooming past me. I giggle uncontrollably and kinda worry he'll get in trouble, but it's ultimately pretty funny. He loves making me laugh :)

3. My new blog is set up and ready for launch on December 1st... I'm seriously so excited (and I can't stop looking at it)!! My sponsor section has changed and improved (rates the same, sizes/layout different)... I'll share details tonight :)

(random picture)
4. I've messed up my sleep again (i was doing good for a while) and am heading to bed now. When I wake up, I'm entering email headquarters and the mission is to respond to them all. Then, I'm making a big giveaway post that will blow your mind. You may just 'self destruct' (still going with the secret agent schtick).

To all my American friends and readers, I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

ps. this is funny,


  1. That little scooter vid was too cute! Also, loved the "What" vid too. Looking forward to hearing your news! :) Have a great day!

  2. Ahahah that What video is too fun! And I'm excited for your new blog :))) And riding on scooters and bikes around stores is the best part of going shopping!!!!! Hehehe :)

  3. LOL. The scooter video was very cute. I heard your Canadian accent when you said 'It's not working out'. :p

  4. Canadians don't have accents!

    Leigh-Ann's Momma

  5. Remember when I rode the bike with two flat tires through the store babe? LOL

  6. Can't wait to see your makeover!

  7. Leigh-Ann, I am so excited for your blog makeover, it's ridiculous. I'm a big design nerd, so things like website designs make me happy. I'm always changing my blog's look to try to find something I love.
    Can't wait to see it! I know it'll be amazing!



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