4 Stories: Hairdoo's

This weeks topic is "Hairdoo's".

One. The Bowl
In grade 5, I got a bowl cut. It was kinda a bob that stopped bluntly at my 11 year old lobes and the rest below it was shaved. The cape came off and I went upstairs (my aunty cut my hair as a child) to look in the mirror and tears immediatly streamed from my face... I was wailing, my cheeks looked so huge and I felt too different and weird. My other aunty came in to console me and it helped, but there was an immediate plan to grow the 90's out ;)

Two. The Perm
In Junior High, I asked Aunty Diana for a perm. Before I got that perm, my hair was straight. Perms were 'mature' so I was a pretty big fan of the look (even my bangs were permed). It never felt like it grew out though, it just relaxed... I must have started "changing" during that time and my hair has been naturally wavey/curly ever since.

Three. The Boy
The year I graduated high school, I worked at camp for the summer. This was around the time I was figuring out my identity and I still felt totally confused with how to be a girl. I felt like I was in a costume with the girl hair, makeup and wardrobe and it didn't feel like me. My eyes/skin/lips/cheekbones looked good with no makeup so I left that out of the equation and I wore t-shirts, hoodies, unfitted jeans and skate shoes. While at camp that summer, I picked up a buzzer one morning and shaved my head. It was about a half inch long and I finally felt comfortable. I kept it very short with a bit more shape over that year and that's when I met Joel, my first boyfriend. He was into me so I thought nothing of it... till one day we were at Applebees. As the waiter came up from behind me, he said "what can I get for you gentlemen tod----". He tried to recover but we'd both heard it and I felt really embarrassed. Joel broke up with me the next day and I began to feel uncomfortable again.

Four. The Girl
While in Bible School, I started dreaming of getting married one day. I pictured walking down the aisle in a traditional wedding dress and knew I wanted long hair. Knowing that it would take years to have long hair, I started growing my hair out. Three years later, my hair was the longest it had ever been, I wore it down and I felt beautiful in my wedding dress :) Ever since then, I've enjoyed having girl hair :]

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  1. I loved reading this, but i wouldn't be very interresting. I've had the same hair since I was 4, long brown. With the exception of some crimping and one bad perm some time around 1992. Luckily, I recovered.

    I love red hair on you.

  2. I adore your '4 Stories'!

    Here's mine:

  3. this was so fun! and i think i'm going to really enojoy participating in your '4 stories'. what a great way to get to know each other! :]


  4. Before I started kindergarten I got a bowl cut. I felt humiliated when the kids at school called me helmet head constantly. Recently I got my hair cut below my earlobes. I haven't had it that short since my bowl cut. But I have let it grow out to my shoulders.I wont be participating in the '4stories' but thanks for sharing yours!


  5. I look forward to this all week! I love having girl hair, too =]


  6. oh my goodness! exact same thing happened to me with the perm! i got it in grade 7...before the perm my hair was lightish blond and straight...after...dirty blonde, wavy and frizzy! maybe it was the time for my hair to change on its own...but maybe those perms are up to something, haha.

  7. Woah! I'm totally joining in. This is fun!

  8. http://novarella.blogspot.com/2010/11/four-stories-hairdoos.html

    Ta daah!

  9. Wow, I can't believe you shaved your head!! That is so bold!

    I've just posted my 4 stories. You can read about 2nd grade trauma, hair denial, black hair and white hair!

    Thanks for another week of fun, LA! xo

  10. my 4 hair stories http://getridofyournotions.blogspot.com/2010/11/4-stories-hairdoos.html =)

  11. Gorgeous stories. Thanks for sharing LA. :D

  12. Here are my hair stories. :) Thanks for sharing yours!

  13. I love that you shaved your head! That's one of mine, too :)


  14. Hey these stories are interesting! Is the Joel that you mention Joel T from Bird River?

  15. Dear Anonymous, hehe, no. He was a different Joel I met in the city.

  16. tried it again. had fun again. :)


  17. awhile back, i did a fun "30 years of Hair DO's" blog



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