Fuzzy Friday "Gidget"

Dog: Gidget

Parents: Nikki and Joey
Location: Clayton, New Jersey

"I would have to say Gidget's best quality is her silliness. Of my 3 dogs, she's the one I like to when I need a laugh. She's constantly doing goofy things... spinning would be her specialty.

We recently had some trouble as Gidget was diagnosed with FCE, a paralyzing disease all dogs can get. But she wants to show everyone that becoming paralyzed can be a-okay especially when you start to recover.

Gidget likes to go on car rides, camping, visiting other dog friends, snuggling under covers with mom and dad and playing with her sisters."
Share your Gidget Quote (what you'd write in her thought bubble) here in the comments. Mine would be, Gidget: "totes magotes"To download Gidgets' bubble photo, right-click the image and select "save image as". Then print and add text manually or via photoshop.
Thanks so much Nikki and Joey, Gidget is so precious! xoxo, LA


  1. oh my goodness Gidget is the cutest!! Poor baby having FCE! Good to know she has such loving parents!

  2. Thanks so much for having Gidget up today! She was very excited to see herself on the internet! :)

  3. Poor lovie! She's such a cutie! to me it looks like she's saying "Lookin guuuuuuuuuud!" :)

  4. what an ADORABLE little dog! I <3 her!

  5. Sooo cute! I love the thought bubble photo! ADORABLE

  6. I Just discovered your blog, and I am totally in love with your Fuzzy Friday posts. Our three dogs are like our kids, and I love seeing other peoples "kids" too!!!


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