4 Stories "Childhood Games"


This weeks topic is "Childhood Games"

One. Imaginations
This weekend I was thinking about all the little games that kids love. I started a list in my phone that keeps growing as memories come back. So far
- Checking for change in payphones and vending machines
- spinning on chairs at mcdonalds
- dropping stones down the sewer
- saving worms from puddles after the rain
- making fake boobs with those pantyhose eggs (or inverting your top to make a halter style with 'knot' at the front)
- making soap hotdogs (we'd rip the pages out of tiny popeyes books, fold paper and put a line of soap for the weiner. We did this often and mom never noticed... probably thought we were really good at washing our hands)
- talking with accents & reviewing movies at the kids dinner table
- doing flips off the top bunk bed
- singing "I'm a g-n-u i'm a Gnu"
- underducks
- moving our bedroom furniture around in the middle of the night (amanda and I shared a room downstairs)
- Spaghetti eyes (push your closed-eyes hard into the pillow for a bit, when you lift up, you see dancing spaghetti noodles)
- And when we couldn't stop talking at bedtime, we'd make a deal "No more talking starting---now!"
What were your games?

Two. Fort Building
Going to my cousin/friend Tanner's house was magical. We were two peas in a pod with the same interests & big imaginations and I admired her sense of carefree individuality even at a young age. Her parents let us turn the whole basement into a fort central, flipping furniture, pulling out blankets, hooking things from the walls, etc... she taught me the art of fort building and I was so hooked after the first time!  After that, I saw everywhere/thing as a potential fort set-up and my siblings caught on too! We'd make forts with our bunkbeds, under the hide-a-bed (and roll in behind the fold-up capsule), in the forest at our grandparents cabin, in the tree-house, and the jackpot location = at our other Grandmas, we were allowed to use the big living room and all of grandma's linen closet to make the ultimate fort everytime we had sleepovers! I lovvvve forts :)

Three. The Intercom
At night, we would crawl out of our room (stelth-like), whispering and slowly scaling the floor. The goal was always to the reach the stairs, peeking downstairs at our parents & the tv. It was nearly impossible to get all the way to the stairs because somehow, Mom and Dad always heard us and called upstairs "BACK TO BED". We were constantly perplexed, "how do they hear us?!". Years later, we learned that square thing on the wall was an intercom and they could hear us very clearly from downstairs. Foiled by advanced 80's technology.

Four. Writing Contracts
I'm the oldest child of three and tended to like 'being in charge'. So when I'd convince my sister or brother of a trade or deal, I'd write up a contract and ask them to sign & date it. I was about 9 or 10 and they probably hated me ;)

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    Cute pic of O & K.


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  13. I totally played "No more talking starting . . . .now!" We would also play "you're on my side of the bed! No you're on my side of the bed!" which would always result in a leg wrestle and our Grammie having to come into our room and make us stop giggling.

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