DIY: Pretty Stationary & Flyers

Last year I was looking for affordable color printing in small quantities. Brainstorming, I found my cheapest/best option was photo prints (15-18 cents each), so I took out my markers, graph & lined paper and started doodling :)
Perfect for your online shop or local craft sales... It's fun and easy to make your own!
1) cut your paper to 4x6" or mark off your '4x6" drawing window' and trim afterwards (cut a few, it'll take a few drafts to find the perfect version)
2) draw your message (leave 'white space' so you can add a handwritten message to the card)
3) leave a small margin around the edge (photo's get cropped a little bit at the printer. Also ask the printer "not to zoom" if you remember)
4) scan your image at 300dpi
5) crop it to measure a perfect 4x6"
6) save it as a jpg or png
7) send it off to print (i order with costco online, next day pick-up. order just a few to make sure it looks good before you order lots)
8) write a personal note on the card before you send it (fine tip sharpie works perfect...)
9)  if you want to hide the back of the photo, mactac/contact paper works great!
Your customers will love the glossy bright note that's handmade (even if it is produced in quantity!). You can also create flyers, gift certificates or postcard size info cards like this! Whether it's handrawn or digital, it's personal and perfect :)
I'll be back this weekend with May's Sponsor Feature & Big Giveaway! Plus, an interview with two young entrepreneurs that totally amaze me!!
Love Leigh-Ann


  1. eeep im excited!
    and I loved this tute :)

  2. Great idea! I love sending photos through the mail like postcards. This makes sense!

  3. Great idea!
    And if you want them smaller than can print them as & superstore will give you several wallets on a 4x6 :-)

  4. That's a great idea! I was actually just thinking about doing that. Yours are so cute! (:

  5. This is a fantastic idea, L-A! Super cute. :)

  6. this is such a terrific idea!!! thanks for the tip. :D

  7. Thanks for sharing this! Such a unique but smart idea!

  8. oooh, I love this! I am totally addicted to switching up my packaging on a regular basis. I order postcards from overnight prints, and print my own thank you cards... but this could totally work in a smaller size for me. Would be nice to save myself the time of taking my paper cutter to a couple hundred cards at a time. :)

    Thanks for the tip LA! :)

  9. Great idea LA! Can't wait to try it out! You're so clever with your creative ideas! Have a lovely weekend! x

  10. Smart thinking LA! I actually designed my wedding invitations on Photoshop and then printed them as photos at Costco. It really cut down on the cost. Then I stamped and embellished faux envelopes to "frame" the photos.

  11. Clever idea!
    Lovely blog, I enjoyed my visit.

  12. I've often thought about this before. It looks fantastic .


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