Yummy Things and The Winner!

(tim Robot) (Girl Hula) (red hot pottery) (one Late night) (Hiden Seek) This is a super rad store with a fun concept! Go mouse over the items :) I want that metal cabinet in the background. I'm gonna check often, she regularly changes her living room wall/store up :) I love when peoples stores are totally a part of their home :) lol, Jill teases me about my house being a complete studio ;) horny_wall (from Sarah's Supermarket) I still love coloring :) Better, coloring real supermodels :) tshirt (baoStudio) (Found here) Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments for our Freckled Nest Sponsors! You were so nice and thoughtful, I love that kinda community :) I can't wait to share the advertisers I have lined up for next month (i have a few Sept Ad spots left, email me), they're so super and mid-month, we'll do the Feature Post/Giveaway again (in a different way) :] Stay tuned! :) Now for the Winner of all 6 Giveaways...

Justyna Palasiewicz

Justyna, please email me your mailing address and I will pass it on to my 6 Sponsors :) ps. "I ascended and I have infused armour" hehe, listening to Mr.Lovely, Chris Merritt Tomorrow, I start a new Website Makeover for Eve, email sign-ins for our Online Workshop and go thrifting with my Sweetie :) Goodnight, xo! LA


  1. have a fun weekend!!! I definately will be checking out Supermarket Sarah...very cool.

  2. What a fun post! And I'm so jealous of your winner!

  3. Dude - so much yummy eye candy in this post! :) Off to click some links and fall in love with some goodies! :) Thanks for sharing, and congrads to your winner!

  4. Wow, I am in love with everything about this post! Amazing :) Also, bug congrats to Justyne!! yay!


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