Indie Business Online Workshop!!!

Teachers Leigh-Ann Keffer and Jill Munro Jill and I have been involved in both the online and local small business market for a combined total of 16 years. Jill has learned from many local small business experiences, effectively using online resources along the way. She now owns Lune Vintage, a successful brick & mortar store in Winnipeg Canada which sells beautiful vintage pieces, handmade goods and hosts a variety of workshops. As I developed my personal style and a variety of services and products, I discovered my main marketplace was as an International Online Seller and I'm living my dream with Freckled Nest as my full time job and life's joy. In 2006, Jill and I met at a local craft fair and quickly became friends. We've worked alongside one another, supporting and encouraging each other ever since, and we're looking forward to sharing our experiences, knowledge and resources with you! Sessions Begin Thursday, September 3rd
An Online Workshop hosted in a members only blog with 25 sessions related to Starting, Surviving and Succeeding in a Small Creative Business for both local and online companies.
Includes: 1) 25 Topics to Develop your Small Business from Start to Success 2) 1 on 1 Brainstorming Chat with Each Student (LA or Jill helping you brainstorm and offering feedback and constructive advice) 3) Live Online Interview/Q&A with Leigh-Ann and Jill 4) Pre-Recorded Videos Augmenting some Session Topics 5) Ongoing Q&A thru out the Workshop 6) Business Building Giveaways
Thru-Out the Workshop: - Custom Blog & Etsy Banner by Leigh-Ann - Custom Blog & Etsy Banner by Jill - Studio Kit (Vintage Wall Clock, Handmade Notebook, Custom Clear Stamp, Creative Workspace Materials) Grand Prizes: - PDF Promotional Package Design (Business Card, Buttons, Thank You Notes, Poster) - Blog Makeover (Banner, Nav Bar, 2 Buttons, Blinking Widget, Background)
- Online Workshop runs from September 3rd to October 9th. It will stay up for 1 Year so you can reference it and continue to develop and be inspired. - We will post 5 sessions per week. You can work at your own pace :) - Supplies Needed: Computer/Internet and Notebook & Pen - Most sessions will have 'Homework' to enrich you and your company thruout the workshop, but you are not obligated to do the assignments and challenges. - We want to get to know you! We hope this will be a very interactive experience where we can inspire and encourage you & your dreams, helping you see them becoming reality! Thru out the 25 Sessions, we would love to hear about your ideas, development and experiences in the comments of each session. Plus, you will probably enjoy getting to know other members of the workshop, encouraging each other and maybe even finding like-minded friends and future networking opportunities and support :] - We will be doing weekly Q&A Chats and 1 or 2 Live Video Chats where you can ask advice, bounce ideas, share your ideas and ask us questions! Once registrations are complete, we will post a schedule for our 1 on 1 Brainstorming Sessions with each student. These will be invaluable and offer constructive insight into your small creative business.
- A private blog invitation will be emailed within 48 hours of payment.
1) The Growth Process 2) Putting the Dream in Motion 3) Defining your Product and its Potential 4) Style and What's in a Name? 5) Defining Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Skills 6 & 7) Finding your Clientel and Main Marketplace: Local and Online 8) Pricing, Production and Expectation 9) Presentation: Putting your Best Face Forward 10) Online Resources 11) Working with Etsy 12) How to Market with Flickr 13) Blog vs. Website 14) How to Blog Effectively 15) Local Resources 16) Local Advertising: Methods & Partnerships 17) Print Media Done Right 18) Good Business 19) Time is Money 20) Small Business: Hobby or Career 21) Putting your Best Foot Forward 22) Schedule: Passion vs. Life 23) Keeping it Fresh 24) Staying Inspired and Motivated 25) You're your Best Cheerleader
Thank you for your interest in the Indie Business Online Class. Unfortunately, we are at capacity and unable to accept new registrations. We are working on converting the course into a book and will most likely offer the course again in the future. When the time comes, I will post news of the next online class and/or book here on my blog @ and in my Twitter at Questions: Please email Leigh-Ann or Jill. It's Going to be Amazing! Thank you, Leigh-Ann and Jill :]


  1. Oooh! Exciting :)
    Sounds perfect for me at this particular stage I'm in!

    I have a few questions though:
    How long is the class?
    What will we need?? (Just a pencil & paper to take notes?!)
    Will we have assignments??


  2. i'm interested...
    but i would like to know more about how does it work.

    is it a course by week ?
    is it interactive or is it some blog to read ?

    thank you !

  3. Hi! Very interested in the workshop. I will be leaving town on the 3rd. I may not have internet access until the 6th. Can I catch up? Will it be worth it to join the workshop late? Thanks so much for offering this.

  4. btw - my email is

  5. Oh boy do I wish the extra cash for this!

  6. Good luck Leigh-Ann and Jill, sounds fun.

    Love Momma

  7. Hi Everyone :)
    I've developed a 'Details' section to help answer your questions :) Please revisit the Online Workshop post and email me if you have anymore questions :) I'm happy to help :)
    Leigh-Ann :)

  8. Hi Mimi :)

    Yes, you will totally be able to catch up when you return from your trip :)

    Also, before you leave, you'll be able to participate in the "Get to Know You" post (which will already be posted when you receive your private blog access) :)

    Leigh-Ann :)

  9. Hey this sounds great, I very interested and so are a few friends of mine! We are all finishing university at the moment though and were wondering if this will be available in 2010?

  10. this is so great! Have fun!

  11. super cute widget and titles for it! well done cutie!

  12. Hi Littleleecy,
    Jill and I discussed it and we don't think we'd offer this online class more than once (since it would probably just be a duplicate)... so we encourage you to register for this course while it's available and take it your own pace (the blog will be up for at least a year and we're available thru email to help you along the way). Hope this helps,
    Leigh-Ann and Jill

  13. Wow, this sounds so helpful for me right now! Great idea! I probably need to work out my budget a little bit, but I think I will definitely sign up. :)

  14. you're on scrapscene:

  15. what a great idea LA!!!

    i need to learn!!!

  16. here I gooo!!!
    Such a great idea!!!

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  18. Would I be able to still pay for that $2 per session? I think I missed the cut off date for this (which is fine because I can't shell out $50) but this sounds so amazing, I'd love to somehow be involved.

  19. I googled "Indie Business Online Class" and found this so easily and now I'm all signed up. I'm 7 classes behind but I'm pushing hard to catch up. Thanks for answering my questions so quickly, LA. I need all the encouragement I can get to start living my dreams :)


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