Sponsor Features & Six Giveaways!!

Every month, Freckled Nest promotes a great collection of shops, blogs and artists in our right sidebar. This month, I've invited my sponsors to share a bit about themselves, and the option to contribute in the big giveaway for one lucky winner! I think it's extra fun that the winner will receive the giveaways one by one in the mail and have lots of fun mail to look forward to and enjoy :) How to Enter: Encourage these Amazing & Driven & Talented People... Visit each sponsors shop or blog and observe something you like about them, their craft or a product you love and write it here in the comments of this post. To make it a little easier, I put a number beside each sponsors blog&shop link so you can list your compliments a little easier :) In a few days, I will draw one random winner who will receive EVERYTHING :) Giveaway is open to everyone! 1. blog & shop Hi, my name is Jill and Lune is my baby - an outlet and an excuse for an ongoing collection of beautiful, unique and inspiring vintage. I find it difficult to fully define what Lune is about, because it is endlessly evolving and growing. This year I was able to introduce Lune as a bricks and mortar store called Lune Vintage in Winnipeg, MB, Canada and began offering workshops and classes focused on the revival & re-imagining of traditional crafting. Come October 2009, Lune is branching out further with the opening of our local workshop studio & gallery The Lune Collective - Studio 680. Here local & international crafters can show their wares among a hand selected collection of vintage/modern furnishings, home decor, and artwork. We're working on a collection of vintage inspired clothing to debut in 2010 and are currently enhancing our online shop to provide an interactive 24/7 Lune experience to both local and international customers. If I were to break it down to a simple statement, Lune is about collecting, creating, sharing and enjoying the small beautiful things that make every day life a little more special. XO - Jill Lune Vintage Giveaway: (1 Mitch O'Connoll Sublime Stitching Pattern, 1 Vintage Ephemera Scrap Pack, 1 Peach Pit Mid century Inspired Print, 1 Vintage pieced jewelry pendent) 2. blog & shop Hi! I'm Alice! I'm an illustrator/designer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I live with my husband Jarod and our Boston Terrier Gizmo. I'm a very crafty girl with a place in my heart for vintage dresses, buttons, lace, strawberries, pop-up books, bows, red lipstick and cute pigs. My Etsy shop currently holds some of my artwork, but I will be updating it soon with handmade books and some of my other creations. I update my blog regularly with links to all sorts of inspiring things, as well as my daily life. If you stop by, leave me a comment so I know who's reading! XOX Alice Valentine Alice Valentine Giveaway: (Super Happy Time Trio of Goodies! Handmade mini book, cute mini utensils, and stationary pack) 3. blog & shop Hello there! My name is Jaime. I am a full time crafty gal, which means that I spend all my days and nights sewing, stuffing, trimming, sketching, dreaming, and drinking coffee. I am majorly inspired by monsters, magic, swarovski crystals, "hello my name is" nametags, and the color pink. Right now I sell journals and monster toys, and I am super excited to offer a line of scrapbooking supplies, hair accessories and scarves starting August 25th! Sparkles & Sticks Giveaway: (Fuzzy Love Embellishments. Sneekpeak of a scrapbooking/paper crafts line debuting on Wednesday!) 4. blog & shop I'm definitely a night owl, and have most of my day dreams then, but don't get me wrong I love a good sleep. I'm always found laughing or smiling and I hope that all of my creations spark that feeling with anyone they come in contact with. Photography is still my one true love, seeing the world through a lens makes me appreciate the little beauties of life. One day I would love to write and illustrate a children's book. You can most often find me on my blog that I update as much as possible with creations, or just beautiful things from my day. I'm never afraid to be silly, I car dance and sing out loud even when I'm alone; and I'm ok with that! My vice is crisp cool Diet Coke. The best word of advice I could give to anyone is laugh everyday, you'll be better for it in the long run :) XO. Kyla - OneLateNight. One Late Night Giveaway: (Kyla's offering a custom Tic Tac Sew; the winner can choose the color scheme!!) Blog Help 911
Here I am at Maker Faire in Austin Texas. This green car in the pic was too cool to pass up. They put putt-putt golf grass all over it, how cool is that!
I enjoy going to all types of craft shows with Jessica where we can meet cool people who are living their dream. I started Blog Help 911 to help everyone better expose their creativeness online. Many crafters who sell online use their blog to help promote themselves. I really enjoy working with everyone I meet. 5. blog & shop I love hunting for treasures! I started MimiLane Vintage so I could share some treasures with you! I only put items in MimiLane that I would put in my own home...sometimes it's really hard not to put it in my own home!!! I'm an interior designer & love photography, crafty things, painting, riding my new pink bike and hunting through thrift stores and garage sales!! I hope you find something cool for your home in MimiLane Vintage and remember to comment for your chance to win the beautiful crewl tapestry square!!! Thank you lovveeess!!! MiMi Lane Giveaway: (Vintage Handmade Crewl Tapestry Square) 6. blog & shop I started Funky Finds in March of 2006 so I could share all my ?finds? with friends and family. Before I knew it, I had built a good-sized readership & many began asking if they could advertise on my site. My now husband, Joe, implemented ads & we began attending craft shows in Texas to promote our site & meet local artisans. Many complained about the online marketplaces that were available at the time, namely the nickel & dime fees, time-consuming listing process, and saturated categories. That is when we decided to develop our own online marketplace, The Shops @ Funky Finds. We launched the site last summer & have since continually added features & upgrades. Our goal is to provide artisans with an easy-to-use, affordable venue so they can live their dream & make a living doing what they love. All of our sites feature artists, crafters & designers world-wide, but our roots run deep in Texas. In April, we hosted the Funky Finds Spring Fling, an art & craft show featuring 120 vendors from Texas & Oklahoma. We have since relocated to Pennsylvania, but plan to have another event in Fort Worth, Texas, in the coming spring. Thank you to all the readers & artisans that support Funky Finds. And to all shoppers, I urge you to continue supporting the handmade movement! They once were funky lost, but now they are funky found.
Funky Finds Giveaway:
Funky Finds is happy to give away TWO FREE MONTHS with The Shops @ Funky Finds! Jessica and Joe will work with the winner to set up their free shop. If you're Interested in Advertising your Site or Shop on Freckled Nest in September, Please Email FreckledNest@gmail.com soon to Reserve your Spot :) Good luck everyone, this is a sweet giveaway! xo! LA


  1. Thanks for posting this LA! Looks great!
    XOX Alice

  2. This is looking so cool thanks for posting me.

  3. Love it LA.

    Is it totally wrong that I want to have all of the goodies up there?! <3

    xo. Kyla

  4. 1- the deer plaque
    2- i love her boston terrier, Gizmo ! :P
    3- the " half the world away " journal
    4- how amazing is the Little Miss Jelly toast !
    5- Like Mika would say : " we are Golden !" for the set of 4 gold cups :P
    6- the typewriter belt

    * cross fingers *

  5. you're cute miss la!!!! i <3 your post:D

  6. 1. Love the vintage flashcards. I want them both to hang in my office!
    2. The animal series paintings are soooo cute. moo.
    3. I love the stuffed creature named Burkle.
    4. I have to go with the tic tak sew..although this whole shop and blog is to die for!!
    5. The snowman set is rad cause my Grandma had one. If I bought something for myself though it would be the "Hot Mits."
    6. Funky Finds is rad. I've been on this site many times. Eclectic and supports handmade!

  7. Leigh-Ann- What a great idea!

    1.I love that she loves typewriters so much. That blue one is so pretty.

    2. I love her husband's movie mondays posts and the cute grocery list idea that they posted.

    3. I love her 101 in 1001 days project and I really want to try that.

    4. That new gumball machine she bought is so awesome. I need to be on the lookout for one now.

    5. Her cat has the best blue eyes!

    6. Her banner is so cute. Seems like a great site to get lost in... :)

  8. okay, it's super hard to pick just one thing to comment about, so some have two.
    #1..i adore her blog fonts..adore..and her monday aug.10th post shows off her beautiful handwriting:)
    #2..Alice's grocery list on her blog is so adorable..love how it is personalized..and her aceo "stripes" spoke to me!
    #3..Maximilian is super cute! i love him!
    #4..The owl clipboard frame is to die for!!!!!
    #5..Her selfies are adorable on her blog and I love the fact that we both love Sabrina Ward Harrison!!
    #6..Dog tag..."life begins at the end of your comfort zone"... I need to remember that one

    this was a fun way to spend the morning. Thanks LA!

  9. Awesome to find a few more people who aren't in my reader yet! :P

    1. Lune Vintage - I LOVE seeing all the rad things she has...I often imagine what I could do if I had the space and $$ for all of it! lol
    2. Alice Valentine - I get all excited when I see her posts in my google reader...they make me happy :D
    3. Sparkles & Sticks - Because, seriously...anyone who likes The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Britcoms is a winner in my book, haha
    4. One Late Night - I've been waiting for her bags to come out already! Haha But she's definitely one creative chick!
    Joe the Pro - First time I've seen him...but I'm very impressed! :)
    5. Mimi Lane Vintage - She's Jamie...and she's rad. Simple as that. Plus, I love seeing all the cool things she posts on her blog all the time...and I'm super excited about her vintage shop!
    6. Funky Finds - Her items are just that: funky!! :)

  10. 1- the ORANGE Yamaha music tin is perfect* Good luck with your new expanded store!

    2- Love the stitching on the clouds aceo and just had to share the bear in the woods youtube spot.

    3- Love your lil inspiration notebooks and enjoyed looking at your blog

    4- I still love Eddie Veder after all this time!!!
    Your camera embellishments are adorable! I might have to purchase an orange one.

    Joe the Pro- a man and his dog and a funky green grass car!

    5- The Science of Sleep and Bill & Ted? Excellent movie choices indeed.
    Love the turquoise wicker purse. How come I never find anything in such good shape!?

    6- Freeforged Jelwelry is lovely
    Where did you relocate to? I am in SE PA.

  11. LA, this was a great idea. I have always clicked on your advertisers links to check them out, so I actually remembered ONELate Night from before, but this giveaway is an excellent idea :)!
    1) Love the Vintage Yamaha lesson in a tin
    2) I love paintings with embellishments, so the embroidered teacup painting was very cute
    3) all her keys (so neat!) and the GREEN inspiration book were my favs of this store
    4) LOVE the camera felt plushie & tic tac toe set + the nautical buttons
    5) the rolly toy and ship paint by numbers + her thermoses(sp? lol) were cute, too!
    6) Funky finds had great buttons, but I liked the kid stuff (cute popsicle onesie) the best
    I loved reading the paragraph about each shop & blog owner, it was personal and I found some great stuff, thanks for sharing!
    Sarah M

  12. i hope i wiiiin >.<

    1.i think it is so sweet that she named her shop after her baby :)

    2.ahh i love the little cow painting she has in her shop :) it looks kind of childish, which is awesome!

    3.i like she organizes everything. family jewels, string, pictures!
    i do that too.

    4.the little mis jelly toast in her shop is just too cute!!!

    5.omg! she loves the Movie The Science of Sleep!!
    she's so rad. and the plastic charm necklace in her shop is to die for.

    6.ah their finds are indeed funky! ha
    love the burnout tees they mention.

  13. 1) i love her vintage styling, the fonts on her blog (swoon) and all her photos. totally a new Flickr contact!
    2) her blog design and header are brilliant! very creative. and her sweet illustrations have my heart with their cute little cheeks. <3
    3) i could get lost and go into debt in this etsy shop...like seriously. the name of her blog is brills and i love her giveaway!
    4) her etsy shop brings a BIG SMILE to my face. and i love her rocker persona. and that re-purposed gumball machine is awesome!!
    5)totally wish i had found this guy sooner! amazing creations. gonna keep him in mind for future blog help!
    6) this blog is a fantastic concept!! can't wait to dive in and explore!

    thanks for this LA! i'm glad i've found all these new blogs. can't wait to "get to know" all the people even better!

  14. *oh my goodness*oh my goodness*

    1)--->Blog : totally <3 the 'March Tour' and I so wish all my blog favs would do this! --->Shop : I want to steal that little red toolbox! (hehe)

    2)--->Blog : seriously... i was thinking *this*morning* in the shower (TMI I know) about all the blogs I read and what their *grocery*lists* are (I too totally find small every day peopleness interesting). --->Shop : oh geez, the ACEOs (yes, all of them) are so adorable!

    3)--->Blog : your first painting...A-dorable! --->Shop : Check out the doilie love! "Key to my heart", um yes please!

    4)--->Blog : oh my gosh... jelly toast! totally made my heart giggle! --->Shop : besides everythings, i <3 the button birdhouse shelf!

    5)--->Blog : i can not even say enough about miss jamie! her blog has continued to inspire me daily! i really do <3 this blogirl! --->Shop : all of it...i'll take all of it (hey, powerball is up to 250mil, it could happen). my fav is certainly the vintge wicker bag...<333s it!

    6)--->Blog : i can always find the latest on the bloggity-blog! --->Shop : the coolest stuff eva! i <3s the jewelry... oh geez, just about every*ting!!

    <3 thanks for lettin me play <3

  15. 1) I love how classy/simple/vintage she is!
    2) I love her birds on a branch print/embroidery!
    3) I LOVE LOVE LOVE her sparkly key collection
    4) Her button bird house shelf and plushies make me squeal!
    5) She is so lovely, beautiful!!! *p.s. i like her style*
    6) I love how diverse this is! There is something for everyone!

    What a super fun giveaway! :) Great vendors/crafters/artists!

    And you, you're just a peach.


  16. OMG! These couldnt be cooler shops! Im in love with every one of them!

    1) fell in love with the real life dollhouse SO AMAZING- I wish I lived close enough to go visit it!
    &i have a soft spot for tool boxes, (odd I know) so I LOVE the red one in her shop with all the chipped paint--so amazing!

    2) I love that you have your hubby write movie reviews, since I never have time to watch movies its nice to see some awesome reviews!
    seeing as how I love anything with birds in it, the Birds on Branch- original ACEO is my FAV!

    3) I love how Jaime collects pictures of her feet, I used to take many pictures of my feet in different places all through high school. Its actually pretty cool. Oh, the places Ive been... lol
    I also love all of her inspiration books- they are adorable! Ive got so many of my own lying all around my house-- I could build an inspiration wall with them...

    4) Her blog is ADORABLE- I love how she collects gold apples and that fuji camera is so awesome!!


    BLOGHELP) (why dont you have a number?) I had never heard of blog help before today and honestly- ITS BRILLIANT!
    I should show my mother your site so I dont have to help her with her blog all the time! ;) lol

    5) you have insanely gorgeous hair and im TOTALLY jealous.
    I also totally love the wooden box purse! Its so different and so cute!

    6) I love how your blog alone can be the perfect place for me to locate tons of AWESOME indie artists out there!
    I enjoy how you display such a variety of artwork on your site with such ease! It looks so cool and Ive already found so many pieces I like!!

    Thanks so much LA for sharing all these awesome people with us! Ive totally got some new faves! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  17. 1. you are gorgeous and I love your shop, totally want to go to Canada, just to visit.
    2. Very rad art work, I especially love the ACEO's
    3 Loving your 101 in 1001 project. loving it even more that you are accomplishing so many of them :)
    4. the camera felt plushie is probably the cutest things I have seen EVER.
    5. I have been a fan of this blog for such a long time...so pretty and inspiring. Loooove all of the vintage goodies in her shop!
    6. Another blog that I have loved for a long time :) I love how they find all of the cutie stuff for me :)

    Totally cool idea LA. What a great way to expose all of these awesome sponsors :)

  18. Love all the vintage stuff, ideas and inspiration from all the blogs. Fun ideas :)

  19. What a fabulous giveaway with a bunch of great blogs to look at! =))

    1. I’ve been a fan of Lune Vintage for a while now. I am currently lusting after those tulip mugs that are in the shop. ☺ So adorable!

    2. I can see Alice is very talented. I love the unique ACEO’s and the rosy cheeks on the prints. It gives it an extra something special.

    3. Sparkles and Sticks has lovely little things in her shop. I’ll take the green inspiration book, pretty please!

    4. I’m in love with the tic tac toe board and her camera embellishments! Ahh..

    5. Oh, I can’t believe my eyes! There is one of those 80s plastic charm necklaces in her shop! I had one as a kid.

    6. Funky Finds has a cool website with a bunch of eye candy to look at!


  20. Thanks so much for this cool opportunity, Leigh-Ann.

    1. I dream of having a good eye for vintage like Jill - a perfect blend of classic and kitsch.
    2. The ACEO with the striped hoodie made me seriously consider starting to collect them. I'm ThisClose.
    3. The magazine I work for recently did a whole section dedicated to Woodgrain, so I totally fell in love with the woodgrain journal in her etsy.
    4. Does Kyla's new gumball machine have a smile on the front of it? Cuuute!
    5. Totally have a new Twitter account to follow. Yay!
    6. I think I know exactly the person who needs to be in this group. P.S. LA, I've heard you mention Joe so many times, and I'm super excited that he's a computer nerd+adorable geek!

  21. 1. This shop conjures images of when I was little and I would explore in my grandmother's basement, always excited about the "treasures" I would find. Just looking at the photos, I feel like I could do that there.

    2. I like that her ACEOs feel like illustrations out of a children's book. Also, the variety of style is unique.

    3. The key brooches are ADORABLEEE! But maybe I'm biased because I collect old-looking keys :-)

    4. The Tic-Tac-Sews are cuuuute, but I also love all the camera-themed goodies...the plushie, the embellishments. YAY!

    5. A lot of the older women in my family are obsessed with garage sales--going to them AND having their own! When I was a kid, I would be involved in the garage sale subculture, and I feel like these are the items that I would find there. It makes me happy...

    6. I really love the theme of this site. And it's really easy to use...for a shopper, you can't ask for more :-)

  22. 1. love anyone who loves vintage!
    2. love her dog Gizmo!
    3. love the rockin binders with doilies on the covers!
    4. love the button covered birdhouse!
    5. so love the blog re-dos! especially "a little bird told me"
    6. love the fact that they give crafters a place to sell- and totally love their page full of links to their sellers!

  23. oh you! this is the best idea ever! I see one of my prints is going to be given away... yeah! I'm going to blog about this to send folks over. what a fun idea!

  24. Daigan (kaiyd@hotmail.com)8/19/2009 10:31:00 am

    If I had a million dollars I would never run out of cool stuff to buy with shops like these..
    1. Love the comment " we are all driven by our fatigue of trying to be perfect..."
    2. Animals make the cutest noises in pictures
    3. THE cutest teeth I have ever seen on felt
    4. My crayon name would be chicken fajita
    5. Home all this stuff just feels like home
    6. Funky finds make you want to reinvent your style

  25. Hey Leigh-Ann!
    This is a really cool idea, and I´m already looking forward to read all the comments!
    It would be really awsome to win!!!
    So here are my favorites!

    1.typewriters. I´m going to get one from my grandpa, they are really cool!!

    2. birds on branch. its so pretty!

    3. inspiration book. its a really cool thing!

    4. little miss jelly toast. how cute is that??!!

    5. wooden box purse. haven´t seen one like this before!

    6. it seems to be an alternative to etsy and dawanda. i will surely check that out!

    Have I already said, I´d really looooooove to win?? ;-)))))

    Check out my blog if you like!


  26. what a great blog! i will be sure to check back... the giveaway is awesome - i love prints by the peach pit... thanks for a chance at winning one!

  27. Lune Vintage -- drooling at all the awesomeness on the blog and in the shop
    Alice Valentine -- love, love, love the "hoot" painting in the shop
    Sparkles and Sticks -- love the pictures on your blog! it's just a small glimps into your life (hope that doesn't make me sound like a weird blog stalker...)
    One Late Night -- loved everything in the shop. i really couldn't pick a favorite
    Mini Lane Vintage -- so much eye candy on the blog! love it!!
    Funky Finds -- web shop is totally coolness!
    Blog Help 911 -- yes, i know... my blog is hidious...
    Freckled Nest -- what can I say? simply my favorite :)

  28. i love that you have each of the sponsors talk about themselves. it is very inspiring!!

    1. i love lune vintage!! the feel of her blog is so inviting!
    2. i love her clouds aceo! super cute!
    3. first off...sparkles and sticks is such a cute name!! i love all of her binders and her photography.
    4. blog is super cute and clean and totally fun! i love her felt camera plushie...but i am a little biased LOL!.
    4 1/2. Joe rocks! He is one of the most sincere people I have met.
    5. she has gorgeous hair and takes cute self portraits, plus looking through her blog...everything was extremely eye catching. i love her thermos she has on her etsy! Yay for thermos'.
    6. Jessica also rocks! I had a pleasure of knowing both her and Joe when they lived in the Dallas area and got to see them work in person at the Spring Fling! She always does wonderful giveaways!

    L.A. awesome sponsors!
    Sponsor: Awesome sites!

    xoxo kimi

  29. Cool idea LA! :)

    1. i just adore how her local shop looks like. super pretty! if i lived in canada, i´d totally visit it.

    2. love to read alice´s blog and get inspiration from her. she´s also so talented in drawing/painting. an artist! :)

    3. i have to love those key brooches and button journals. :)

    4. adorable camera felt plushies!! but my fave is the button plaque!

    5. cute blog!! :)

    6. funky finds is just so cool. i don´t even know where jess finds all the goodies.

  30. 1. I saw the "sunny spot" picture & like that it's a random & inspiring picture. I also love love the Crafty Like a Fox button rings, totally adorable & fun!!

    2. The birds on a branch picture jumped out as I'm working on bird silluette projects lately. Love the fact that it's got the 3D aspect which is very appealing.

    3. The picture of the blue hat at the top of the blog stood out to me...the one with the little beaded felt decoration. I'm currently working on a similar project.

    4. I loved the whimsy felted creations, very creative!! I'm working on felt birds in random colors that I will stuff & hang on my wall so maybe I'm getting partial to felt creations.

    5. The Vintage square mugs displayed on Mimi Lane are so adorable! I also love the shop name.

    What fun! I will be spending more time looking through these sites again soon!

  31. What a unique way to do a giveaway! I love the fact each person will send their stuff, resulting in lots of happy mail for the winner! :)

    #1 Luna Vintage: I love the Little Red Tool Box in the etsy shop... and I appreciate the different photos showing angles and such of it. On the blog there is such bright/cheerful colors and a variety of things covered on the posts. The photos of the knitting in the city, the typewriter, the self-portraits (this lady is so gorgeous!). I wish I lived in Canada. :) And I totally have a thumbs up for this statement "If I were to break it down to a simple statement, Lune is about collecting, creating, sharing and enjoying the small beautiful things that make every day life a little more special."

    #2 Alice Valentine: In the etsy shop the combinations of different media to create mixed media ACEOs, paintings, etc. are so fun! I am all about the cow & pig paintings... as well as the stitching on the ACEOs! Major thumbs up on the blog for the grocery list post! That is just the sorta of quirky thing I would do myself and love to learn about from others. :)

    #3 sparklesandstitches: That face looks so familiar, I think I was following in some form another (maybe twitter?) before I knew anything else-like this blog and etsy shop! I LOVE the "Half the World Away" notebook, with the felt & stitched earth on the cover.. The description "y name is Jaime. I am a full time crafty gal, which means that I spend all my days and nights sewing, stuffing, trimming, sketching, dreaming, and drinking coffee. I am majorly inspired by monsters, magic, swarovski crystals, "hello my name is" nametags, and the color pink" is super cute.. and the blog is going on my google reader feed! :)

    #4 onelatenight: I have recently (before this giveaway) discovered miss Kyla/onelatenight. I loveeeeee her. I wish we were friends in real life, or at least penpals! I have her etsy shp[ saved... Most of the messenger bags in her shop I want, and I've been admiring (or is stalking a better word?) the "tic tac sew - ruby" in her shop for weeks. And of course I subscribe to her blog and read it regularly.

    #5 mimilanevintage: Another gal who I've been following for quite awihle (blog,etsy,etc.) before this giveaway! I love her red hair and ability to not only create lovely things but give us peeks at her real life, with photos and stories from her "real world". Jamie, please move next door to me? :)

    #6 funkyfinds: I have ot give props to anyone who makes their dreams a reality. I'm very intrigued and will have to visit your website more throughly at a later date when I have the time to browse/explore. :)

    And of course, love to miss LA for the wonderful blog which has these lovely sponsors. :)

  32. 1. Lune vintage- loved her blog layout when I came upon it! Variety of vintage items in her shop.
    2. Alice valentine- read her wedding post on her blog, it was so interesting & cute ^^
    3. Sparkles + sticks- The fact her name means “ I love" in French , & her etsy shop is great (:
    4. One late night- LOVE LOVE her shop!
    5. Mimi lane vintage- again another intresting blog
    6. Funky finds- too bad I don’t have a shop, but that’s such a sweet giveaway.
    Sweet giveaway this is! (:

  33. Good Luck everyone!!

    I just wanted to say I have read through everything and I really appreciate all of the supert sweet things said above. <3

    It's been a really great week, and it keeps me inspired and really glad that I do what I do :)

    Have a lovely weekend all!

    XO. Kyla

  34. Thanks to everyone for all of the nice comments.

    Even though I did not offer a free prize, I do want to offer 10% off of any blog rescue.

    Please schedule your Blog Help 911 Rescue by September 15th.


    Joe the Pro & Beau Bradley


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