Jill and I reading Uppercase together at the Craft Sale last night. The craft show went well, and was in a really beautiful venue. Best part: they sold buttons in the gift shop...and I found some really pretty ones :] But it got better, Jennifer from the Museum noticed my blee(button+glee), and mentioned they had 2 large containers of buttons in the back. I was like, "LET'S GO GET THEM! I'll HELP YOU!"...lol. It was fun, everyone dug thru them, and enjoyed a common obsession :] Afterwards, Jill, Keith and me went for drinks and had appetizers for supper ;) I'm in Uppercase's Etsy Section this issue :] Thanks Janine!! My Etsy is quite happy right now... (each pic is linked) Bonus! First 2 people spending $50(before shipping) will recive a cd case and mixtape :] I hope you're really inspired :]


  1. Love the pictures of you two at show!!! Looks like so much fun! I looove all the stuff in your shop! I can't wait to have extra money to buy some new goodies!!!

  2. oops. posted on the wrong one. I do that all the time. ANYWAY - Glad we got a pic together finally. SEE we ARE REAL LIFE FRIENDS ;-D

  3. Is there a bigger word for Inspired... because I'd use it!! Gosh LA.... you as an artist, a crafter, a creator, a person... you totally bring inspiration to my life!! A million plus one thank yous!! :-)

  4. wonderful pictures! i could sift through buttons alllll day.

  5. always inspired by you LA!

    ps...keith looks like a clean shaven dr house in that photo...HOT!

    emjay :]


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