Here's a sneekpeak of the new album... more soon :) Does anyone wanna gift me a Flickr pro account? (I can't afford to renew it) I'll make a blog banner for you if you'd like :] And guys, seriously... thank you SO much for all your sweet words!! They made me feel really special and loved :] Thank-youuuu! My mom looks for 2 things on ebay: - Used Starbucks Cards - Michael Jackson Memorabilia. She's impressed with how much it goes for. Lol, she's on the phone right as i type this, and saying "Oh Be Quiet" and "Sheeesh" Watching Big Brother right now, i'm so excited :] Whose your favorite? I'll post mine in the comments after the episode is done ;) Love you!


  1. Check your Flickr Mailbox for a treat!

  2. Thanks Oliviaaaaaaa!!!!! You're my hero!!! Please send me an email, I wanna make you a banner :)
    Love Leigh-AnnaBanana :)

  3. Awh, Olivia beat me to it :) That's so sweet!

    What does your mom do with used Starbucks cards? I may have a couple floating around somewhere...

  4. oh boy! can't wait for more custom album peeks!

    and darn it! i missed Big Brother...I can catch it online, right? hehe.

  5. I wish I would have known about the used starbucks cards. I think I may have tossed two away not long ago. I'll save them for her.
    I'm curious as well...what does your mom do with the cards? Is it something crafty? fun

  6. Oh sweetest pea. just caught myself up on your blog. i am sending you a hug and a smile on a rainbow :)

    keep up the great work, i love your stuff.

    p.s. your mom sounds adorable.
    p.p.s. BB11 makes my SUMMER!

  7. i have probably 40 or so starbucks me..i would share them with your mama:)

  8. Beautiful book, Leigh-Ann! Best one yet!
    You are truly talented! I've been reading your blog for about a year. I love seeing your projects and your photography, too.

    I wish you well during these difficult times...there will be a happy just have to hang in there!



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