Woah pretty!

woah pretty This is gotta be the prettiest color scheme in nature! Pretty rad! My favorite part is above the bird-butt; all that yellow green layered :] Next Post: Custom Album No.5


  1. Sooo pretty! Where'd you see it at?

  2. I Love you, have a good day.

    Love Momma

  3. I've been surrounded by peacocks lately! I saw this one out at the hubby's folks place. It was gorgeous!

    I was then so inspired that I decided to repaint their mailbox with a peacock!

    Their coloring is mind blowing!

  4. I love the colour of peacocks! So pretty!! Glad you like my holiday story. Someday I'm going to go back there have yummy cereal in the mornin', spaghetti 's for lunch and play in the basement! :) xx

  5. Peacocks are so amazing aren't they? I mean SERIOUSLY :) I miss you LA!! Come back to Missouri :)

  6. Hi Leigh Ann --
    I'm new to reading your blog and I have to say, you seem so sweet and inspirational! I checked out your custom albums and MUST have one done for my wedding in October so watch out for an order!!


  7. loooooove this. That blue is amazing.

  8. I'm going to ask a completely stupid question... how do I had widgets to my blog? is there a trick because i can't figure it out...


  9. Hey Christen :)
    I just got your widget question, here's what to do...
    Copy and Paste the widgets code (below the image, sorta in a white box), go into your blogs' "layout" tab, and click "add a gadget". Select the option in the list for "html/javascript", then paste the widget code in there, save, and you're set :]

    If you'd like a widget made for your own blog, that's a different sitch (situation, i'm trying to makeup words. should sitch be the next shortened cool word?). Let me know if that's what you're looking for and I'll hook you up with options and prices.

    Thanks Christen, and CONGRATS on the little girl in your tummy! How excitingggg! :)


  10. hey Leigh-Ann:) I ABSOLUTELY enjoy and love visiting your website.I'm a 19 yr old girl from Singapore! your posts have been an inspiration to me and Im very glad to have found my way here(: keep enjoying art & I certainly look forward to reading your wonderful+colorful blog whenever Im free=) <3 gwen


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