Tie Cuffs & Banner Winner

Tie Cuffs
Houndstooth Tie Cuff Kimi inspired me to make these Tie Cuffs (made with vintage neckties and old buttons!) :] They will be available for $7each in the RVA Update tonight at 8pm (cst). rva update And the winner of the Custom Banner issssssssss..... Chelsey Bell!!! (Your vacations all sounded so wonderful! I read them all at once and felt very and inspired and happy for you! Thank you for sharing!!) Chelsey, please email me :]


  1. yay!

    i emailed you first thing!

    thanks soooooooo much.

  2. yaya!! they look totally awesome! I am making one too with the scraps from the tie clutch :)

    Have a great rest of the week!
    xoxo Kimi

  3. hello!
    i ant to send a BIG THANK YOU your way!!
    i was the winner of your give away on elsie 24 hour blog party!!
    your gift is GREAT!!!
    ps dont be surprised if there is a cute thank oyu card in your mail box!!!\;)

  4. I always see beautiful vintage ties, but rarely see anyone making beautiful things out of them. These bracelets are awesome! Great addition to the RVA store.

  5. Nice cuffs! And buttons. I currently have a thing about buttons:)


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