We did our favorite thing yesterday...

...slurpees and a few hours at the dog park with our pups :] Lola and Tom LOVE being there, and we adore how much they wag & smile at us! It's such a weird little world; we're always amused listening to people talk about their dogs. We met one woman who loved her dog so much, she sleeps on the couch with him instead in her bed with her husband. And another lady whose Doberman (named Demi) is addicted to water, and kept spilling the bucket for fun... she was a really funny dog :) And I saw a Penny dog, and that made my day :] (lol, the dogs were all getting it on at one point, we were "okay, we're done here!") I'm working on lots of new things for a Winnipeg Craft show I'm doing this Friday! I'll try giving some sneek peaks thru the week :] Happy Sunday Everyone, xo!


  1. ;-)

  2. Cute shoes! Love the pic of you & Keith! You look really happy! ;) Happy Sunday, Love!!!

  3. This looks so funny,and you two are so cool! I love you glasses La,mine are black if only my boyfr will be able(like yours)to color them i will change color every month!)We have 2 doggies too, a malamute Brandy and a pitbull+something else ghghg Ciro.
    Can't wait to see what you are working on.

  4. slurpees are the best! i want those shoes! can't wait to see what you are working on for the craft show...

  5. can you share where the craft show is? i always love to check them out.


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