...and then there were two

So... there's some sad news. Penny moved out on Friday. I couldn't afford or take care of two dogs by myself. Tyson found her a good home. But I was still so sad to see her go. Lola's really sad... she's on a hunger strike. That was the hardest...separating them :( So now, it's just me and my Lola. Enjoy the video :) Here's another one if you're a big Penny fan :) * PS> Thanks SO much everyone for your comments and congrats about my album and being published! You made me feel so special :) A few people asked how & where to purchase the KI Memories Idea Planner... I don't know, but I'm looking into it. I'll update you :) Thanks again guys! :] LA


  1. that video is lovely. i´m sure you will miss her a lot. she seems to be very cute and lovely and energetic and and...
    but you´ll always have the good memories and (i think you have) hundreds of photos. :)

  2. awwwwwwwww!!!!! AT least she is going to another good home, right?!
    I have to say Leigh_Ann that video had a bit of doggy porn going on, lol!!!.

    You are too funny.

  3. aww I'm sorry to hear that... :(

  4. Oh...so sorry to hear about Penny leaving. We are getting ready to adopt (children, not pets), and we're probably going to have to let one of our kitties go...she makes the carpets...um....unsanitary. It's breaking my heart thinking about it, so I know how sad you & Lola must be!

    On a brighter note, I've been doing "nest" projects....makes me think of your cute li'l nest logo!

  5. I am very sad right now.....
    I miss Penny!


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