Upon answering these Q's... i concluded that this week is kinda simple, but sometimes, it's kinda nice that way ;) (Saw this on Janel & Holly's blogs)
Outside My Window
Sunshine, leafy trees, cars driving by, kids walking home from school. I Am Thinking about painting a toolbox aqua, proud of myself for keeping the dishes done after each meal, i can't wait for my new cable & pvr, about my to do list for the day, that i love this website I Am Thankful that I have so many people to love and that love me back, for a clean house, that I am living my dream, that I have a cool house, fun mail (this week I got pretty-knitting from Elizabeth, a dvd from Angela and a friends forever button from Inka...THANKS GUYS!!!), and for big puppy kisses in my sleep (Toma loma ding dong)! From The Kitchen strawberries sitting on the counter, dishes in the drying rack, sunlight coming in from 3 windows, brownies Keith baked yesterday, lots of cute shoes at the back door I Am Wearing jeans, a teal shirt, purple underware with snowflakes on them, black bra, my glasses and SJP Lovely perfume I Am Creating
a Custom album for Christy, a shop update(sorry about the delay, my internets flaky), a widget for Kyla. last night I made a banner for ChelseyBell and a blog makeover for Corinne :]
I Am Going to work hard today till 3 or 4am, check out the RVA update at 6pm, update my Etsy (if my internet will cooperate), take Lola for a walk, make tacos for lunch, call Momma Around The House lots of finished goods and books sitting on my table, mail on the coffee table, 2 suitcases from Missouri (lol!), laundry, Lola and Tom sleeping, my cell phone charging, folded laundry on the couch, the air conditioner on 75/76, and lots of peace and perfection :) One of My Favorite Things sleeping in! A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week i donno yet... working on custom orders, catching up on email, tackling the laundry, a date with Keith, small grocery shop, visit Grandma M, listen to Chris Merritt, walk to a few garage sales to get out a bit and be inspired by old stuff and old people (old people garage sales are my *favorite*) XO! ps...
so pretty *exhale*


  1. Holy Macanoodle (can you tell I'm a mom with colourful expressions like that!) That's a whole lot of lovely in a day.

    Sooooo glad you like. *hugs*

  2. I´m so happy the button got to you. :)

  3. Ok I totally cant stop looking at that Awkwards photo web site! Thanks Leigh Ann!!!!

  4. I love you babe :) Hope you have a great day :)
    You should blog :)

  5. I love me some yard sales too! I just wish they were at lke 8:00 at night...I'm such a night owl!

    That website is right up my alley!

  6. Oh, I didn't know Dave Eggers was involved in that movie! Wow!


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