just to give you a smile...



  1. Hehe, I remember doing this when I was little...I guess I was a 'marker-monster'!

    You know what? I'm still guilty of this occasionally...lol I'll never grow up...:)

  2. I used to do this alll the time when I was a wee one! I remember one time when I couldn't get one of the caps off for a long time and hid it from my mom. Oh, memories.

    Thanks for the smile :)

  3. so sweet, & I like the name Olivia! :)

  4. cute!!! :)
    and also i used to do that! hihi.

  5. This makes me want Bugles. Is that weird or what..lol.

  6. My little girl grew coloured fingers, she better stop eating crayons

    Hey LA i had a dream that me you and a 3rd person who i don't remember at all who it was robbed a bank and then once it was laundered we had it delivered to grandmas house and it was delivered in between 2 large baking sheets like a brief case, and when we were counting it grandmas friend who looked like but wasnt carol burnett walked in and seen the money.

    BUT i dont remember any of the dream how or were we stole the money or who the 3rd person was

    oh and i lived ina house that was also a tattoo parlour


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