Mom & Amanda and I went to Old House Revival and the Flea Market yesterday. I found lots of great books (my new obsession, can't resist the cute old hardcover ones) and we found 2 more old chairs for the cabin. We're gathering about 10 strong nobby spindly chairs for our dining room table, and painting them great beachy colors. The one above has to stay the same, I said it would be a tragedy to paint over that.
"This is not a tragedy.
A tragedy is three men trapped in a mine
or police dogs used in Birmingham.
Monks burning themselves
in protest.
Butt out, Baby."
Momma doing her fave thing...picking out Hallmarks :] And we had mini dance parties as I found the music cards and called out the dance styles :] She said "I can't believe I'm doing this!" and I said, "I can't believe you are either". Olivia and Kennedy are potty training and wearing the cutest little girl panties ever...! Kennedy's pretty on the ball with it (she'll do anything for candy rewards) but Olivia's learning a little slower (which is fine). While we were there picking up Amanda, I was trying to help Olivia...but we had to leave before she went. So I told her, "Olivia, when you go, you can call LaLa on my phone and tell me the good news". Two hours later, my cellphone rang. I pick up and hear blank air and heavy kid breathing, "I peed. I peed." I was so proud of her :] That phone call made my day!


  1. Yowsa, that is a beautiful distressed green!
    And cute pics of you and your mom. I got to chill with my mom this past weekend, too.

  2. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

  3. That's funny. It's great they have such good potty training plans. That's a great idea, props to who put it together.

  4. awww too cute! Wish I had nieces or nephews that weren't in different countries.

  5. oh oh oh movie quote time! Baby wants to send her food to starving children!

  6. yes, but did she pee sitting sideways on the toilet? hmmmm?


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