We're happy to be staying in this weekend, crafting lots :) We kicked off yesterday by conking out at...9PM!? We're so cool. I'm working on a custom mini album order and Keith is working on a surprise model car. Lola and Tom are working on who gets the toy. Have a great Saturday :) What are you up to?


  1. Ah shes such a cutie.
    Oh and your album kit is wonderful.
    Have a great day

  2. e are staying in this weekend too! Fun fun! oh and i concked out at 930 last night... we are so the cool ones!

  3. Hi, this weekend we are mostly not cleaning our house and making baby blankets as gifts! thanks for asking! great blog btw X

  4. we cleaned up the whole apartment today, i went to the movies (twilight :) and soon i´m going to sleep.

    love these pics. :)

  5. Hey! Is that your man, Joe??

    hahhahahahahaha JK!
    Cute pics! Hope you are having a good weekend! ;P

  6. Lovin my pup! And yours! charlie looks like a mini Lola, they do say that Patterdales look like little labs hehe. Aww.

    Puppy love!! love.

    Anne ox

  7. I love the photos, so cute.....

    I'm staying in this weekend and recovering from my Dr. visit on Thurs. I'll post more on my blog. Then I'm going to try and craft some if I can.

  8. crafting-crafting-crafting. I've been loving every minute of it!! I just scrapbooked up at our local scrapbook store for 2 days...a total of 16 hrs. and I loved every minute of it. It had been so long. Tomorrow I will post the pics of the book I finished today for my boyfriends mom. I meant to have it finished by Christmas but I didn't happen that way. I think you'd be proud of it. It was the daisy kit....remember?
    Am soooooo looking forward to recieving my new book album kit. I'm soooo excited about it.
    Lola is a cutie pie...hehehe!

  9. Oh LA! Let's just say you're my daily MUST! I MUST check your blog everyday. (I didn't mean for that to come out stalker-ish) sorry.


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