"wonder what you're dooooin"

I made some money (i still don't have a real job, but this week, FN earned 2weeks worth of salary. woah nelly cool!) so I got some new music/itunes! Here's what I got... Albums: Jeremy Larson - Salvation Club She&Him - Volume One Nick & Norah - Soundtrack * Singles: Metric - Help I'm Alive Andrew Bird - Fitz and the Dizzyspells Carly Rae Jepsen - Tug of War (thats where the title of this post is from) Britney - Gimme More (lol... yes)


  1. I checked out "She&Him" after you mentioned it the other day. Love it!!! Definitely want to download that one. Good stuff.

    Gimmeeeee Gimmeeee.....Ha!

  2. 2 weeks worth of salary!! Did you sell some of your mini books?! Great job!

  3. Thanks!
    one custom mini book so far, a few custom bags, a few custom photobooth and polaroid albums... and then just lots of sales in the shop :)

    eeeek! :)

  4. Congrats on such an awesome week for FN!! :)
    New music is always a good way to spend some $, always...even if it is Britney ;)

  5. *sigh* i LOVELOVELOVE metric!!!

    "daddy warbucks up against bobby fullerrrrr"

    sorry i had to...

  6. you know i have i think 2 or 3 of the metric cd's

    did you want the britney song or is it really keith that wanted it
    cause keith does like to get his britney on

    i got 3 new cd's all the same guy you should listen to you'll like them he is amazing

  7. awesome week! congrats LA!

    thanks for the music ideas... always looking for something new!


  8. kody... yes please! :)
    did you get my email? wahahaha!!!!!

    whose the new guy cds?

    britney was for me THIS time, lol :)

  9. im positive ive burnt them for you b4 look around the house first

    and yes i got it why do you feel the need to send me a picture of that, did you think i will sleep better at night knowing that

    why dont you post it on here, and craft it all up maybe you can make it into a scrap book theme and call it "Drop it Like Its Hot"

  10. Congrats on the sells and the music purchases. I like Britney too. She gets a bad rap from lots of people. There are far more worse singers out there than her. Good for you.


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