New pages from my Journal :]

(above, quote from Me, Myself and Irene) Lol, at the end of Christmas night, Grandpa realized that my Uncle shaved his head. His hair waaas about 2 feet long. Lol, my aunty Sandy is so funny. Grandpa's favorite saying; it's like how our generation always says "like". hehe :) My Grandma's maiden name was Bourne. And she was saying how maybe our family lineage is related to Jason Bourne. We were all laughing at how this is not even possible. And Keith and I were laughing at how Mom couldn't say it
Jill was asking me if i like cooking. I said, No, but I like cutting. I thought a knife would be too graphic and somewhat disturbing to represent the quote. We brought our journals to Salisbury House (restaurant) and drew together. I made this one there :) * Keith and I are on our way out. Busy little Saturday. Home Depot, maybe hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond... I don't know if we'll have enough time! Lol, but really. We're going to home depot. And we keep saying that quote from Old School. Btw Mom: Old School doesn't mean vintage. Oh youuuuu!


  1. Love that little mouse and WHO broke your heart?! (maybe you should consider incontinence knickers for your trip to Elsie's!) t.xx

  2. When's our next date? I have some EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING news I HAVE to share with SOMEONE (like you) but I want to see your face so I can't email you about it.

  3. Boy, you sure are getting your little pokes in at me today!!!! :0

    When Grandma reads this, she'll be going on about the Bourne Innennennenenty again. Her nephews name is Jason Bourne, REALLY!!!
    Plus making little jabs at Grandpa, there!

    Love Momma Bourne

  4. you're too funny! i love reading your blog and your journal entries!

    and i would DEF pee my pants if i got to meet elsie + help at rva! what a dream come true!!!!

  5. your new journal entries are funny LA. :) except the broken heart one.. what´s all with that??

    hope you´ve had a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. LA I love your journal pages. You are too funny! And your family sounds like so much fun. I would so get along with them. :D

    And you get to meet and hang with Elsie. How awesome. I would probably pee my pants too.

    I hope you had a great weekend.

  7. Love your new pages! I've been working on loads of new pages in the past couple weeks and will post a bunch this week!!!

    Oh!!!! Buttons acquired. TONS! Can't wait to show you!!! You're gonna freak. :) hehehe

  8. love the journal entries. how silly!

  9. the mouse drawing made me giggle....


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