just a quick one...

Today's fieldtrip day... going to my supply store, apply for a few jobs, lunch with Keithcake, need to pickup a new lipring, do shipping, and hopefully some thrifting :] Here's some photos from the weekend :) Made more button buttons :] I'm doing a handmotion movie quote from Point Break and Starsky & Hutch. Gotta go! Happy Monday! ps. I made 2 new book albums; they'll be in the shop tomorrow :]


  1. how fun! busy day! love it! i'm working on cozies all day long! then a little shipping and bank!

    can't wait to see the new albums!

  2. That sounds like a perfect day! Tho I read it and I was thinking "what the heck is a lie pring???" I read it wrong. Ha!
    And that pic of Keith is amazing! You should frame it or something.

  3. That is an adorable pic of Keith and Tom!! You look like me when I work! Like you are enjoying "work" a little too much, hehe. That's always good. Can't wait to see the books either. Sounds cool. I looked at your shop, as I do often and ever since the polardroid craze I fell in love with your polaroid albums, I linked you in my blog, couldn't keep that great find to myself. Later Girl!


  4. I found you through Elsie (is she the cutest or what??!)

    I love your blog. I've become a super stalker reading through the archives. (I promise I'm not driving to Canada as we speak). LOL I love what you create, but even more, your pictures are so darn cute. You positively glow when you are next to that hunky man of yours. I'm so envious of what you both have. It puts a huge smile on my face to see two people so in love.

    Your writing is so conversational and personal, I feel like you are a friend without ever having met you. Thanks for sharing your inspiring life with us!



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