Photo Ketchup

HAAAAAPPPPPY NEW YEAAAAAAAAR!!!!!! We went to Fondue last night and rang in the New Year with (we're wild, get this) my mom & dad, olivia & kennedy, aunty and uncle, and grandpa and grandma :] It was really tasty and fun, and it was the perfect way to start the year, with family :] (copyright, Hallmark) I haven't been blogging much lately... so I'm gonna post a ton of stuff to catch up & start fresh on my next post :] Enjoy :) Keith gave me this necklace for Christmas....and I LOOOOVE IT! He also gave me a canon 10.0mp digital camera so I can carry her around with me again (like the good ole days) and a really pretty aqua blouse :] Notice our wallmount Fireplace ;) OH YA! LA Bought the Firelog DVD! I gave Keith a wheel for his Xbox racing (he's obviously more official now), the new Britney cd (lol), Super Troppers DVD, a "coupon" book annnd a gift certificate to go Karting at Speedworld :) Grandpa and Grandma Lemonlaw MADE these cribs for the twins :] It was a really magical moment when they saw them :] It's for their dolls but Grandpa reinforced the bottoms well... soooo the girls were allowed to lay in them too :] I have soooo many amazing photos of Olivia and Kennedy this Christmas... but I can't show them. These will have to do. But if you saw them, you'd say things like "OHHHHHH! IT'S LIKE LOOKING AT THE SUN IN ALL IT'S GLORY! I'M BLIND!" and "OHHH! MAKES ME WANT A BABY---NO! TWWWWO BABIES!" and "OHHHH! MY HEADS GOING TO EXPLODE THEY'RE SO PRETTY" ;) Grandma pulled out the vintage wrapping paper... and I LOVED it as much as the gift :] We gave Kody and Dad a personal JugaJuice (they are both addicted to Juice and have developed a "father/son code" for who makes the next JugaJuice). It was a fun joke :] PS. That's one of my Grandma's in what she calls her "loud pajamas". It was so fun to have her with us for Christmas :} The Kitchen for Christmas Dinner at Mom and Dads :] Hehe, let's clear one thing up. Though you see my dad working hard, he comes in at the end and cuts the meat. Though he tries to take credit for the entire meal, it's my mom, grandma and aunties who do all the taste-magic ;) lol. Little Tomborine was tuckered out after all the gift excitement on Christmas Morning :] (Lola had to stay home, otherwise: picture KingKong thru NewYork/Empire State Building...but instead, up the tree and Konging thru all the presents and small children) Lol, we won't let Momma live this one down ;) This was my favorite gift. I made my dad a new pocket for his novels (he hides the book covers b/c shhhh, they're romance novels). And on each chapter, I wrote him a little love note :) He's called me yesterday and said he's already finished reading it... and he loved all the notes :] Mom got me another pashmina (LOVE)... naturally, I smelt it's wonderfulness. Gift wrapping is my favorite craft at Christmas :] I made/sewed 3 of these bags... 2 smaller versions as library bags for the twins and a bigger library bag for mom :) #1 Toy! It's all they wanted to play with ;) Lol, look at Kennedy with her butt sticking out like a nice bubba ;) LOL! This was the last gifts I made, on Christmas Eve Day :] A photo album for Kody, Mom&Dad and Amanda's family :) It was a pretty simple design, but it turned out to be a really special gift :) I might make one every year and we can have a series of our family thru the years :) The Wonder Years... [enter Kevin Arnold's narrative voice]. I don't have any photos of Christmas with Keith's family... :( But we had a great Christmas! On Christmas Day we went to Keith's sisters. We had a fun time and they have a beautiful home! It was the first time I met Karen...Keith's sister is him-as-a-girl, minus the english eyebrows. (It was kinda funny/freaky seeing them together!) Then Boxing day we went to Dave and Judy's and exchanged gifts and had a meal all with Keith's Nana! And Nana gave me some of her buttons! HALLAR! Plus Judy/Mom got me some buttons in America! Lol, there was more gifts that buttons, but that got me PRETTY excited!! I love Keith's family! They're so awesome :) Lastly, it was my very best friends birthday 2 weeks ago :) Happy Birthday Amanda!!! She asked me to make a big bag. I in turn made it sooo big that she can probably fit both her daughters in it, lol. Adjustments need to be made ;) Ok! I'm caught up on my photos! Yay :) Today's your last chance to enter the draw for 3 of Elsie's Embroidery Patterns :) Enter here :] We're on our way to another family dinner in an hour... I don't think I've cooked dinner since December 21st! And I'm afraid of the scale, lol. Happy 2009!!!!!


  1. What great photos, Leigh-Ann!!! I LOVE all your packaging and wrapping...such yummy eye candy!!! That picture of you that's kinda blurry with the flowers on the side is sooo lovely! And I looove the book cover you made your dad!!!! So funny and cute!!!! Happy New Year!!!! :D

  2. Aww all those pics look like you guys had so much fun. I love all the wrapping you did. And I do love that vintage wrapping paper! Where can you find that?
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hey Freckles!
    Happy '09 to you and yours!!!

    Guess what..we are snap dh gave me a Canon Elph tooooo! Just for my purse :-)

    Love the wrapped gifts...the stitched ones..too cute!

    Happy Happy and a Merry Merry

  4. Hi Leigh-Ann,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GIFTS YOU MADE FOR ME AND EVERYONE ELSE THIS YEAR, THEY ARE ALL VERY SPECIAL TO ALL OF US. I know this took alot of time for you, but they will always be treasured, thanks again.
    All cute pictures and I have to say the one of me at least isn't too bad, thanks.
    Well the busy season is almost behind us, time to relax for a couple more days and get back to the grind and to STOP EATING, thank goodness!!
    I love you!

    Love Momma

  5. Aww!! It looks like you guys had a great time! :)

  6. Happy New Year!!!

    I LOVE their little purple dresses. There was definately a big AWWW when I saw that pic :).

  7. I enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures!! Here in Holland we don't celebrate Christmas as 'big' as you do, so I love to watch the blogs of american girls.
    I love your twins!! As you can see on my blog, I am the mother of 2 twindaughters and I am very proud of them!!
    One of my favorite pictures is the one of my parents and my children at christmastime. You can see it here;
    Wishing you a very happy New Year too!!!!
    Greetings from Holland.

  8. what a lovely post...happy 2009 xx

  9. hi Jenneke :)
    Thanks for the comment but the Twins are my neices (i just pretend i'm their mom when we're in public and my sister is off browsing at stuff)... haha :) (She says its okay).
    and I love that you thought I'm an American girl!! but i'm from Canada, hehe :)
    I'll enter your favorite picture into the Elsie giveaway contest :)


  10. Judy (Keith's Mom)1/02/2009 10:05:00 am

    Hi Leigh-Ann,

    I love the picture of you and Keith together! The colors are fantastic.

  11. happy new year to you both!!!
    love your wrapping of gifts! you have mad skills girly:)

  12. That was some big bottle of ketchup!!! I loved all your pretty creative wrapping - and that book cover was so cute! Happy New Year!

  13. leigh-ann this is such a lovely post. definitely made me smile this morning. so glad to see you had some wonderful holiday memories :]

  14. What a cute Keith you have! I'm so glad that your Christmas was Merry and Bright! <3


    i want to be you when i grow up.


    those bags you made and the journals and the sweet pups! so precious!

    happiest new year to YOU my friend!

  16. you seemed to have such a nice christmas time. i love those packets you´ve made. cute cute cute!
    happy new year dear LA! :)

  17. I love that package that says "Kody" on it-is it stitched closed?? that is an amazing idea!! Looks like Christmas was fun :)


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