i'm burnt out.

Sorry I haven't been here lately... I'm in a post-Christmas comma. Did i just say ","? I mean coma. Anyways... Just wanted to leave you with this picture. It one of my new favorites :] Lola was being the dog I'd always dreamed she become :] See you soon :) Love, LA


  1. Hi!!! I was wondering what happened to you. I've been rather run down myself. Hope your feeling better soon!

    Cant wait to see who wins the Elsie prize.

  2. oh so cute! No worries it is that time of year... so much steam leading up to Christmas and then ka---blooey! Take a little rest up! xoxo

  3. this made me laugh so hard (in an inside joke kind of way....) love ya girl!! oh and yes I got the ornament - don't you check my blog - uggg some people!! :)


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