7th Giveaway & Saturday's Winner

From Elsie Flannigan! Elsie donated 3 pdf Embroidery Patterns for the winner of this giveaway :] (NOTE: In the New Year, I'm going to post some tips on embroidering/stitching. These patterns will come in handy!) How to Enter: Write your name/email & a link to your favorite picture ever (you can tell why too). Whoever amuses me the most... gets the prize. Ps. you don't have to take the picture. Mermaid & Pirate Ship made by Holly :] Elsie is the most inspiring girl i know. Check out her blog, etsy shop (kinda closed right now for the holidays), flickr, and watch for her store opening in February :] Thanks for the giveaway Els :] * And the winner of the 2 Not So Naked kits is Andrea!!! (Andrea, please email me your current mailing address) Congratulations! And THANK-YOU Lacy!! You are incredible! * I'm going to hold off till after Christmas for the last 2 giveaways... things are feeling so hectic around here! But I'll blog one more time before Christmas and share some pictures, the winner of this giveaway and my favorite gift I ever got :] * Have a great night! One more visit to the mall (gha!) and I'm done :] ADDED: Done! We did a jumping high five in the parking lot afterwards :]


  1. I couldn't just pick ONE favorite, so this will be one OF my favorites. :) But you must read the story that goes along with the picture of all the little kids. I personally think it is highly amusing. Just go to the link below:


    Love your blog! (I'm a longtime reader who rarely delurks, shame on me.)

    Oh, and a fellow Goonies freak. I dragged my mom to Oregon one year to see all the film sites.

  2. I'd enter LA but I don't even know what pdf means???

    Signed your computer (NOT) savvy Momma

  3. These are so cute!!! My favorite photos are the ones hanging on my wall that I took when I was in Big Bend, TX.

  4. oh my gosh such an awesome giveaway! i actually just bought embroidery supplies yesterday to start doing this!! it would be totally perfect if i won this!

    so my favorite amusing picture comes from the etsy sellers, mixed species. they are a riot!! this "radicool" t shirt photoshoot reminds me of my boyfriend, who has the beer gut...and would totally fit in with them and do a crazy photoshoot with his friends.


    oh yeah, and his crack is hanging out every single day. i dont think there's a person who's met him that hasn't seen his crack. hahaha

  5. dang! i always forget my email!! loirinha_5@yahoo.com

    thanks! :)

  6. okay... my fav. picture ever is one that i saw a long time ago in an art gallery in santa fe, nm. it was like $3500 for a little 8x10. anyway, i have never forgotten it. the image was something like this: an open yard w/ a building far in the background, a marching band conductor is marching along wearing full uniform and carrying one of those stick thingies (not sure what they're called). and following this conductor is 8 or 10 laughing children marching in a line. i don't remember who the photographer was or the name of the photo, but it has continued to bring a smile on my face.

    merry christmas!! evan revsanford@gmail.com

  7. amanda


    it's david lachapelle. Usually he has all these celebrities in his photos but this one is beautiful. the way her dress is flowing .......

  8. Since Elsie donated the prize I and you wanted to know what my favorite photo is. I immediately thought of this one. http://flickr.com/photos/elsiecake/2243626088/in/set-72157604377587191/

    I've loved this photo of Elsie and Jeremy since she posted it. It's just a great photo, everything about it. I love all of her others and I have many other favs but this one keeps sticking in my head. :D Super job.

  9. I love Elsie and have been wanting some of these patterns, even though I haven't embroidered in years! It could be time to start again.

    Here is my current favorite picture:


    It's my son helping my dad shovel the snow! He's such a big helper!!


  10. i LOVElove elsie! and loved her class... so that i kind of met you girls! and hollysarah does amazing work! as you do too!! :]

    the most amusing pic i've seen in a while was the one of george w busy and his staff doing the "shocker" with their hands. apparently someone told them it meant "w" - - ha ha! if you want me to email it to you let me know! it's hilarious!!! :D

    ok... Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!

    can't wait to keep in touch through this lovely blog world in the coming year!

    you're amazingly talented!



  11. Hey LA! Just learning how to do this new hobby! This would be a great prize. Ok here is my favorite picture http://flickr.com/photos/luvphotography/2956840018/in/set-72157608191988101/ It is the bean in Millinium Park in Chicago. And I got to view it for the first time with my family over the summmer. Ohh did we do alot of walking that day.

  12. Hi!
    I was so excited when I saw this giveaway. I love Elsie's embroidery patterns!

    I love photography! I'm not an experienced photographer by any means, but I do love taking pictures!
    My favorite photo can be found here:


    xo kristen


  13. http://flickr.com/photos/elsiecake/3092760809/

    Hello, yes it's from elsie. It's so cute and "I'm still learning" too.


  14. this is one of my favorites from a long time ago, my good friend brought his camera down to the embarcadero in san francisco while a gigantic pillow fight was happening. i could not stop laughing at this album.


    happy holidays :]

    mallory - msphillipy@ucdavis.edu

  15. i heart me some Elsie.

    seriously... is she not heaven??

    and i heart embroidering.

    it's a love mess!

    my fav photo ever? ... i love photos... every single one! (ok well not EVERY one)...but i love how they can capture a feeling, a memory, a moment... good, bad, ugly, fab!

    my fav pic is one of my partner J when she was little...

    she looked like a boy even then.


    :) great giveaway my friend!



  16. Hi Leigh-Ann,
    This is the first time I'm a guest on your blog and I LOVE IT!!!! You're such a creative and inspiring person!! And I'm also a great, great fan of Elsie, so here's my favorite picture!
    You can see it at my blog http://jenneke-justwhoiam.blogspot.com/ , you have to scroll to 26 december and then look at the picture of my parents and my children with the christmastree. I can't help smiling when I see this one, because of the glasses of my mother, my son in a box and my twindaughters who look so, so ugly on this photo...lol.
    My parents were killed in a car accident 6 years ago, my son is almost 25 now and my twindaughters are 2 gorgeous looking girls of 22.
    You can imagine why this picture means a lot to me!!!
    Lots of greetings from Holland!

  17. Oh my goodness.... I love that picture of Tom he is so darn cute.

    I am not sure what my favorite photo is so I will let others win this on. Plus I am the worst embroider ever...LOL

    I am leaving for New York in like 27 hours.... EEEEKKKKK

  18. Name: Christine
    Email: TigerzRose@yahoo.com
    Photo Linky: http://s238.photobucket.com/albums/ff63/ScrapTigz/?action=view&current=Really.jpg

    -This is my favorite photo recently. My dd Meghi decided to play dress up with her kitten Miley and her (the kitten's) facial expression is priceless. She's simply saying, "Really?!"

    Thanks for the opportunity.


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