800th post. i'm feeling a serious connection

Lol, if you watch it, you know exactly what that phrase is from. * This is my new mini-album venture. I'm not a Project 365 kinda girl. Tried it and got to #99. But I do take a lot of photos and I have a lot of favorites.... so a few months ago, I made this album to fill thru 2009 :] I used 5x7 manilla dividers, 6 sheets of patterned paper, some month stickers, hambly for the cover, binder rings and a whole bunch of those 4x6 transparency things :) I folded all of the monthly patterned paper sheets to be a pocket (2 different sizes thru-out). I'll stuff different things in there... movie stubs, drawings from my nieces, clothings tags, love notes, etc. I painted all the dividers and added a month sticker (from KI Memories) to each pocket. It's going to be fun to fill-up :] At the end of each month, I'll print my favorite photos (mostly as 5x7) and just punch holes and put them in. Simple. Visual. Memorable. I think you should make some sort of 2009 Favorite Photos Mini-Album too! You can make it the same as mine or do a totally different style/format. It's going to be a fun&easy project!


  1. Great idea! There's always those favorite pics from the year that I always go back to and I'd love to have them in something like this to have them all together! Simple and lovely! I'm gonna do it!!!! Let's dooo it! What movie is that from????? lol

  2. This might be my favorite thing you've ever done.
    Practical - check
    Beautiful - check
    Excellent design - check

  3. this is such a nice idea leigh-ann! i might try to do something like that. :)

    p.s. i didn´t know you already live in thursday, 8th jan. ;)

  4. Soooo cute!

    Going to have to do one now

  5. love it!

    i plan to do something similar...

    i'm doing project365 and plan to print them monthly and then put them into an album at my monthly crop... (wish you were closer... would love to have you there!)

    great album sweet pea!

  6. lovin' all your new year's crafty-ness! This is a great idea!

  7. Judy (Keith's Mom)1/07/2009 03:07:00 pm

    Leigh-Ann, you hit over 100,000!!! Congratulations.

  8. i freaking love this one...i was looking at it thinking, i should totally do this :)

    love the yellows,
    love the lines,
    love the fonts,
    love it all!

  9. im guessing the saying is from seinfeld since thats were all your other sayings are from

  10. im guessing the saying is from seinfeld since thats were all your other sayings are from

  11. love this idea LA...something i might try for my kids...and it involves ORGANIZATION - hello??
    luv it!

    you have to check out my blog...i had a very interesting phone convo today and i thought of you as i wrote ( knowing how much you enjoy phone convo posts and all...)

  12. You are just a wealth of inspiration.

  13. Oh my gosh this is so cute!!! So much inspiration!

  14. the title is from "A Double Shot at Love" :]

  15. ooooh my goodness! what an awesome idea! def have to make one!!! i have two little girls that LOVE to draw! ha! perfect way to record everything so simply! thanks!



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