I got a little haircut tonight :]

I went to the mall, got my bangs cut (they swish around, and have a few different looks) and I finally finished all my Christmas returns :] Now I'm watching the rest of The Big Bang Season 1:] It's really funny and I keep telling my friends to watch it. hi. here are some of my ideas for my etsy in 2009 :] any other requests? and here's our anvil-face virtual baby. he's a mistake... make your own baby here orrrr at home ;) * one more thing... rawr!


  1. OMFG!!!! Seriously, that's messed up!

    PS - I want to see your hair! I'm in need of a cut again BADLY!

  2. Your bangs look awesome! I love choppy, random bangs that go every which way, I just don't have the style or the face to do it. Jealous!

  3. your new haircut is rad! i love it! :)

    ooooh, and you´re going to have embroidery patterns on your etsy!!! yay!!! one customer here already. lol.

  4. Stationary! Log Books! I can't wait.

    You baby is...ummm...wow...what a cute...skin...yes, his skin is so clear and soft and ivory. Do I want to hold him? Oh no, I shouldn't...I think I'm coming down with something.

  5. u.r.adorable.

    rawr to YOU btw.


  6. LOVE your bangs!

    awesome list too! we have a few of the same ideas for etsy! how fun to see how different they'll be! :]

    ? for you... could you help me with my blog? i would like to get 3 columns and was sent your way... thanks so much!


  7. cute bangs.

    i did the baby thing for my BF and I... our kid looked like Bilbo Baggins... with a five o'clock shadow! LOL!

  8. You have to have style to carry off that fringe. I got one by accident once when I got drunk and was annoyed I couldn't get a hair appointment. It didn't work on me. Looked very very silly. I have huge admiration for women who can carry it off.
    We did that baby thing 10 years before our son was born - rest assured he is far more beautiful than it suggested! t.xx


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