Mimi? [inside joke]

I love my journal. It's so relaxing, "theraputic", and just plain exciting to make my memories colorful and lasting :) Most of my journal is just personal and heard quotes in fun fonts... but theres some reflective, emotional and special stuff too :]
It's filling up quickly and I wanted to share one of my favorite pages with you. Keith said that to me at a signifigant moment and I wanted to remember it forever :] * PS. winner and new giveaway Monday sometime :] * PPS. By far the best giveaway I've ever seen online... you should enter to win a hand drawn portrait by Illustrator/Artist, Merrilee over at MerMag! She's incredibly talented!


  1. That is sweet and so pretty.

  2. I love it. And I doodle circle-ish things like that all over my notes in my classes!!! So much fun and so cute!

  3. wooo! I know that giveaway is amazing. Love mer...
    I sent my contribution last week, so you should be getting it soon soon. :)

    ps, love the journal page!

  4. nice Leigh-ann, will we ever live that one down?....lol

  5. MerMag is one of my daily blogs. Love her! Ps, I think you are a special girl too :-)

  6. I love this page myself. It had to have taken weeks to do...LOL


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