3rd Giveaway and Yesterday's Winner

From KINSEY WILSON! One of the most juicy & creative people i know, Kinsey made this album/journal JUST FOR YOU TO WIN in this giveaway!! Annnnd her adorable daughter Bri is making a surprise for the winner too! How to Enter: In the comments of this post, share 1) your favorite Christmas gift you've ever got and 2) your name/email :] Kinsey and Bri :] The Sweetest! * And the winner of yesterday's Handmade pouch and Owl Earrings is FIONA (KYANEA)!!!! (Fiona, please email me your mailing address) Congratulations! And THANK-YOU INKA! You're so awesome! PS. Inka has marked down prices in her shop even more! Check it out :]


  1. My favorite christmas present was when I was a kid was a doll that rode a bike and a pink vinyl diaper bag with real mini disposable diapers! It made me sooooo very happy!

    valofthesouth at gmail dot com

  2. sweet prize!

    the best gift i ever got was mine and lee's first christmas together. he got me a corduroy backpack filled with a new digital camera, 2 liters of pineapple soda and all my fav candy. we hadn't been together that long and it made me cry at how thoughtful it was. now he waits till christmas eve to shop for me and i usually know what i'm getting lol! oh the memories of the beginning! :)

  3. Best gift ever was in 2006 when my husband gave me my DSLR! :)

    Bekka (bekkabess @ gmail.com)

  4. OK...I am a BIG Kinsey fan! (one of her homies/stalkers from Green T) pretty much she is a big deal ;o)

    My best X.Mas gift ever was my Nikon D40x. I use it every day. My parents rock because I sprung it on them last minute and they had to take everything they'd already gotten me back. Awesome daughter..I know.

    Maegen Jenne
    maegenjenne at gmail dot com

    PS...I love your blog. Me and My mom are going to make your button trees...totally awesome!

  5. oh man. i'm a new reader, but i can't resist the looks of that journal!

    anywho. my favorite christmas gift had to be my big gray gameboy in 1995. my dad had outlawed video games until that point. all i wanted to do was play tetris, and i finally got my wish HAHA

    Jessica / Jessica.wins@gmail.com

  6. I am so inspired so much by her creativity - I'm totally a blog stalker at Kinsey's blog. My favorite Christmas present, maybe not my favorite but really memorable was my very own purple tape player with Paula Abdul and Wilson Phillips cassette tapes. Loved it so much and danced so much to it.

  7. I forgot to leave my name and email in the post above - Elissa, emantalas@hotmail.com


  8. I would have to say my favorite Christmas gift was my sewing machine. I currently have a love/hate relationship with it.. but I couldn't live without it!



  9. Leigh-Ann, I love your blog! so fun! i love this book too. One of my favorite gifts ever was the doll house my father spent all winter creating for me one Christmas. It's one of my favorite treasures this day. My email is merrilee.liddiard@gmail.com.


  10. So cute! I love it!

    My favorite Christmas was a trip to NYC, just me and my mom, to see my favorite musical "Wicked." I had always wanted to go there, and it was so fun!

    Krista Juliff

  11. yay! this is so exciting :] i freaking love giveaways...thanks la, love ya girl.

    merry merry!

  12. what a cool album!!!

    my favorite x-mas gift was definitely last year when my bf got me my westie puppy chloe!


  13. I received a Lexus for Christmas the first year of my marriage. I felt just like the people in the commercials.


  14. My favorite Christmas gift I've ever received: I had my eye on this ring from a local artisan when I was 17. What I didn't know was that my Dad had been paying attention and I found the ring around the Angel tree toppers hand on Christmas Morning.

    Name/email: tigerzrose@yahoo.com

  15. Oh what a beautiful journal!

    My favorite Christmas gift would have to be the trip to Hawaii I got last year! :)

  16. OK, I'm definitely showing my age here, but my favorite Christmas gift was my Mrs. Beasley doll! She still sits on a shelf in my home.

    Love your blog!

  17. hmmmm. that's a toughie. all time favorite christmas present...does top 3 count. i have 3 older brothers, and they each made me a jewlery box and i love those jewlery boxes so much. everytime i look at them i think of my awesome brothers.

    my favorite gift this year...hopefully this journal!

  18. omg this is awesome!

    My favorite Christmas gift I've ever gotten was probably the easel and paint set I got when I was in grade school. I had it set up in my room for the longest time and I practically never took it down. It completed me! :]

    my email is keread@bsu.edu


  19. That's SOOPER adorable!! Man, favorite Christmas present? Probably having my husband home, since he missed Christmas the year before while he was in Iraq.


  20. My favorite Christmas gift was the doll house that my dad made me when I was 7 years old. He even made the furniture and put the same wall paper in the bedroom that was in my room at the time:)

  21. My most favorite Christmas gift was a sewing machine from my hubby! I LOVE my machine and promptly made a thank you quilt for him :)


  22. My camera! I love my camera and it was definitely my favorite gift so far! =)

    myladypatriot @ gmail . com

  23. My best christmas present EVER I got 14 years ago: my beautiful son!


  24. Favorite Christmas Gift -- Family Christmas Ornaments

    Phil4v4 at gmail dot com

  25. I'm from Elsie's class and have been checking you out ;) I'd love to win this lovely gifty.

    My favorite gift was my son- Luke who will be 8 three days before Christmas. And as an added aaahhh factor, he arrived on my birthday! And when I was born my father was in Vietnam. He found out about me when the chaplain visited him on Christmas Eve and told him I'd been born. So I was once someone's favorite present :)

  26. Sweet! I love your blog - just found it...somehow...
    And my fave Christmas gift ever is my first camera - a Kodak Instamatic :)
    My name is Mandy Johnson and my email is mandykmarkham at aol dot com.
    Please pick me because that's just about the cutest journal EVAH!

  27. hi! i just found your blog through elsie's class. i really love the design of it! that's an awesome mini too!

    um, my favorite christmas present was a dollhouse i got when i was 9 or 10. i played with it until i was 15! haha!


  28. Ooooh this would be an awesome prize!!!

    Ok my favorite christmas gift was when I went to visit my sister in florida and she ordered the both of us tickets to Busch Gardens where I got to pet a dolphin. A big dream of mine. I loved it!

    Angela Christenson

  29. I love your journal Kinsey, really cute and what a cute daughter you have. I have to say I have 2 cute daughters and son also, 2 adorable granddaughters, cute son-in-law and maybe a future cute son-in-law also (Keith, hehehe). And a cute husband, LA's dad.
    I have 2 favourite Christmas gifts, one was when LA's dad worked so hard to surprise me when the kids were all small. We were only a 1 income family and he went out and surprised me our oak dining room set that we still use now. He had it hidden at his parents house and had a plan all set up that my brother in laws car had a flat tire on Xmas eve and had to go help him. But what they were really doing was moving the table set into the house, so when we came home Xmas eve, I was so surprised and started bawling. The kids couldn't figure out why mommy was so "sad". I'll never forget this.
    #2 Two Xmas' ago, Shawn went out on his own, you have to understand HE IS NOT A SHOPPER, and bought me a really pretty necklace that I had my eye. Alot of times, most times, he'll get LA and Amanda to shop for him, but he picked this out himself. Another thing that brought tears to my eyes.

    Beth: I ALWAYS wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll when I was little, but I did have Chatty Cathy. You were very lucky.

    Love Momma

  30. my fav christmas gift is my laptop. it was a big surprise and i can't imagine life with out it!!

    evan sanford


  31. love kinsey's stuff! my fave gift of all time? as a kiddo it was my grandmother's custom made clothing...she was quite talented and i was the best dressed girly around...blame my shoe and clothing obsession on her! :) kristen in nor cal...

  32. My fave gift I ever received had to been my camera I got three years ago.
    Thank you so much for having another giveaway!

  33. that's a pretty touch question -- but i guess my favorite recent christmas gift was my gocco! love that thing :)


  34. Easy!! My sister gave me a Leg Lamp from "The Christmas Story". It stays up all year long. I love it!

  35. My Grandmother gave me a teddy bear made out of one of her old mink coats. Definitely one of the neatest gifts i've ever received!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!


  36. Now that's a tough one. I think my fave would have to be my engagement ring. And watching my kids open their presents is always a gift to me.

    That journal is amazing :)


  37. My favorite gift I ever got for christmas was a phone call from my husband when he was deployed to Iraq!
    ~ Carrie McCarty

  38. My favorite gift I ever got for christmas was a phone call from my husband when he was deployed to Iraq!
    ~ Carrie McCarty

  39. ohhh the latest greatest christmas gift was an ipod from my parents - i felt like i was on the oprah show receiving a car!!!


  40. my favortite christmas present was when i was about 10yrs old and our parents gave us a puppy!! After we alllll opened our presents - our parents handed us a peice of paper. it gave us a clue to go to the nintendo...where another clue was...they sent us to mom's sewing box, to the toliet, freezer, etc. and finally to the neighbors yard. where there was the CUTEST and sweetest saint bernard/Rottweiler. we named her Sadie. She was the sweetest dog ever.

    She died last year...but she lived a looonnnggg time :o)

    that's my favorite present!!

    jerrie sanford

  41. One of my very favorite gifts was the cabbage patch doll i received when I was in the 3rd grade. They were a BIG deal & hard to find. I have two sisters & that meant Santa had to score 3 for our house. Our parents kept telling us to not get our hopes up. we were pretty sure we weren't getting them after we'd watch the parents fight for them on the news @ Toys r Us. We woke up Christmas morning & ran out to the family room to see that Santa had indeed delivered. We were so excited. There sat three cabbage Patch babies. I loved that Christmas & the magic it held. happy holidays!

    Raimi Krupp

  42. My favorite Christmas present was a raggedy ann doll that my grandmother gave to me. I actually still have it, she spent a lot of time making it. I think Kinsey's journal is fabulous! I also checked out her blog and I love her scrapbook pages too! Definitely adding her to my favorites.


  43. My favorite Christmas gift is the futon (Japanese-style comforter) my grandma sewed by hand for me when I was a child. She wrapped it in a big box and I thought it was a Barbie house so I was disappointed when I opened it on Christmas. Years later, the value of the gift came to me as I imagined my grandma in her sewing room carefully pinning and stitching away, spending all those hours to give me something truly meaningful. Even though she might have suspected I wouldn't understand its value then.


  44. my favorite christmas present wasn't an actual gift, it was the first christmas we had our daughter. she was only 3 months old, but it was our first christmas as a famliy. really sweet, wonderful memories. and speaking of that daughter she would flip over this journal ! kinsey you have a very beautiful daughter there yourself ! happy holidays and thanks for the great giveaways !- monica

  45. my fave christmas gift was my daughter, she was just 7 months in our first christmas together, so I dressed her as a mommy noel, so cute!!

  46. for the record kinsey is a really big deal...and so are here projects and creations!!!

    when i was in the 6th grade i unwrapped one of my fav. gifts from my mom (who always gets the good ones) and it was my sewing machine...i still love that bad mamma-jamma!!!


  47. This journal is soo cute! I adore it! My very favotie Christmas present I remember was the year I was in the third or fourth grade & specifically labeled from my dad and not Santa. It was a Walkman tape player and the coolest thing I had ever gotten at that point!

    Emily~ e.r.hooker@gmail.com

  48. Hmm, maybe the superhero cape (yellow with sparkly paint stars) my mom made for me? I was like 4? I don't remember the age. :)

  49. i got a "wedding fantasy" barbie from santa when i was 9. it was all i wanted and i felt so happy to get it.

    love your blog!


  50. my favorite christmas gift ever was a 3 week backpacking trip through Ireland!!! SOO SWEET!!

    Sarah M

  51. love this sweet journal! thanks again leigh ann!

    ok my fave gift ever was probably my very first cell phone - 10 yrs ago that was a pretty big deal... & now my 12 yr old neice has one! ha!!! :D

    love your blog...


    jari spry

  52. My favorite Christmas gift was probably the book "Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T-shirt" it has given me great inspiration and ideas.


  53. So lovely this give-away! Growing up, my favorite gift was a wooden dollhouse. As an adult, I would have to say my I-Pod.

  54. I tried to include my name (post above).

    Jen Kolakowski

  55. My favorite Christmas gift was my Cricut. Okay, it's scrapbook related, but I love that thing.

    Hi, I'm Kim. bubbles2595@hotmail.com

  56. my fav chrismtas gift as always been my first pink bicycle that i got when i was 6. Loved that things.

  57. The best gift is sitting right here next to me!(watching Spongebob). We had difficulty conceiving and one night I had a dream stating we would have a boy named Harrison and he would be born when it was snowing around Christmas. I told everyone about it and they were like, "yeah right,weirdo!" A few weeks later we found out we were pregnant. I just knew he was a boy.While thinking of names we found out Harrison is an old family name on my dh's side. My due date was Jan.20th but they were really off on that and he was born Dec.28, during a snow storm with Christmas decorations all around. I really feel like he is my gift because we wanted a child so bad and prayed for one. We have not been able to conceive since (4 years later). So it really is like my special gift from God. :)

  58. Oh yes email address


  59. In recent years, a great turquoise coffee table from my mom- just the perfect punch for my living room. From my childhood, a microphone with a stand. I loved that thing!

  60. Love that mini! My fav Christmas gift was my "big girl" camera (Nikon D40) from my husband. Taking good pictures never was so easy.


  61. OOps. For got my e-mail address.



  62. The best gift I ever received was a treasure chest full of keepsakes my then boyfriend had been secretly collecting. He said everything in the box reminded him of me. :-) It included everything from movie ticket stubs to flintstone vitamins. :-)


  63. Wow, the journal looks awesome :)

    I think my favorite christmas gift would be a ring my grandpa bought me one year. It has my birthstone on it, and at the time, it didn't seem like a big deal to me (I was a teenager, all I wanted for christmas were cds and clothes). Since he passed away, I've worn that ring almost everyday and thought of him each time I put it on. I LOVE that ring now.


  64. My favorite gift was my Ipod from my hubby. I love it, I love music of all different kinds and listen to my Ipod all the time, esp. while crafting late at night while the family sleeps. :D Great question.


  65. This is so adorable!! Ah, I want it! Kinsey is very talented.

    The best that I recieved was Laser eye surgery from my boyfriend. I'd been wearing glasses since Kindergarten and after the surgery, I didn't have to worry about contacts or glasses anymore. It's been incredible.

  66. My best Christmas gift ever was when I was little and my Uncle made my sister and I a real dollhouse. It had all of the furniture and family members and pets you could imagine. It was FABULOUS!!!!


    erinnyne at gmail.com

  67. My most favorite present was my space saver radio last year from my brother! I listen to it every morning for the weather AND have now won contests - so fun!
    stephanie dot wissler at gmail.com

  68. my first cell phone.

    it was a brick, oh technology.


  69. My absolute favorite christmas gift, was given to my family 14 years ago, when my Dad surprised my sister, my mom and I with a baby golden retriever puppy! This will be our first christmas without him, but he was still the best Christmas present ever! (maybe we'll get another surprise this Christmas!)


  70. Ya gotta love all things Kinsey! Such fun, such talent!

    My favorite gift was finding out right before Christmas 23years ago that I was pregnant with my daughter! We were getting ready to start treatment for infertility and found out, very unexpectedly, that we wouldn't have to. My dad was visiting us here in CA (from MI) for the first time and was here when we found out--it was a gift to be able to share that time with him because, little did we know, it would be the last time we'd see him; he passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly two months later.

  71. Hi there...my favorite/most memorable Christmas present has to be the barbie dream house I received when I was little...my dad spent most of the night assembling it so Christmas morning when my brothers & I woke up it was all set up right in front of the tree! I don't think I ever believed more in Santa! *oh to be young again*
    ~Emily B.

  72. kinsey is da' bomb diggity! i LOVE everything she makes.

    okay. best Christmas gift ever? ummmm, i'd have to say the time when i was a pre-teen and my aunt and uncle bought me a case of aqua net hairspray! totally needed it to hold my 80s hairdo. it was beyond awesome!

  73. sorry....forgot my email.
    taniamwillis at (yahoo.com)

  74. OMG I want this album so bad!!

    My favorite Christmas gift ever would have to be my emerald promise ring that my boyfrind (now husband) gave to me in high school. His grandmother (who has since passed) help pick it out. It was the first gift he ever gave to me.


  75. Hmmm, best ever gift??? A ceramic handprint from my daughter!


  76. The greatest Christmas gift I've ever received is probably a necklace made by my boss [this year, for our Employee "Dirty Santa" gift exchange]. Everyone had to make their own gift and then we got to "swap" [or "steal"] others away.

    Other than that, you can't go wrong with a Gift Card from my favorite store! :)


  77. Oooh, I love Kinsey's stuff :)

    Honestly, our home is probably the best Christmas gift. We moved into it 2 years ago a month or so before the holidays. Even thought some rooms were still empty, we were so happy to be here!

  78. since that journal is about the greatest thing I seen in a while, I have to enter.

    My favorite gift...hmmmm...the great Born clogs my husband got me last year. Feel wonderful on my feet.

    Julie from MD, julie.schellin@gmail.com

  79. WOW 78 Comments that is awesome!!!!!


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