December Daily Craft, 3

Mistletoe is for Lovers
How to Make a Button Mistletoe: 1) Go to The Walmart (craft dept)... you need a styro ball (mine is 3") and straight pins with red balls and white balls (no blueballs please). 2) Pin a sturdy ribbon on. See instructions below. 3) Layer 1: (I used the red pins for this layer) Pin your biggest green buttons (just jab em right thru the button hole into the ball), edge-to-edge all over the styroball. When the buttons have a curved-in side, place that against the ball (it will hug the ball that way). 4) Layer 2: Using your white pins and smaller buttons, cover all the spots/gaps where you can see the styrofoam still. 5 - Call your hottie into the room and giver a try ;)
More versions of this button project coming thru December. A village of them even!


  1. Ok, that is hilariously cute!


  2. I love this!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. this is so cute! :)

    go to my blog, i awarded you! hihi!

  4. adorable!!!! very cute :-)
    i did this one year using sequins..YES..i am crazy..they were so tiny and it took forever to put a pin thru each one..i only ended up making is still on my tree though..looks like a disco!

  5. This is so cute, I'm totally loving the last pic! =) I'll be linking to this.

    Oh yah, and the new banner? LOVE IT! Super creative!

  6. this is absolutely lovely! thanks for sharing!

  7. I am love, love, loving your daily crafts. This one is being made into kits for a craft day with teen girls on Friday. But it was hard to choose, these are all wonderful.


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