December Daily Craft, 4

Felt Banner "Merry" showing in the Dining Room and "Love" in the Kitchen :) How to Make this: 1) You can use any felt colors (just get those 49cent sheets at The Walmart or Fabric stores). Cut out 1 felt isosceles triangle, then use this as the template to make 4 more triangles/flags :) 2) Get a long, thick piece of RicRac (or ribbon) and pin the 5 triangles along the ricrac. I left a 1 inch gap between each flag and tails of ricrac on both ends of the flags. 3) Using a needle and embroidery thread, stitch the triangle flags to the rickrac. Along the way, stitch buttons between each flag :) I used red and pale blue on each side :) *Don't forget to take the pins out along the way. 4) Cut out 10 small felt rectangles. Then cut out the letters for your words, freehand. If you make a mistake, just tweek it or start a new one. By cutting from the small rectangles, your letters will be close in size. Tip: If you have a four letter word, use a heart or star to fill the last flag. Like on my "Love" side :) 5) Glue the words/letters to the felt flags with a bit of Aleene's Tacky Glue (or whatever you have). 6) Keith said our banner was not screaming Christmas... so I decided to add a tree and star to the ricrac tails. I just make a simple tree and star (of course with button details) and stitched one to each tail :) {Other Stuff in Lala Land} The big day is coming :) * Looking for shoes to wear while dropping off resumes. Ya, still no job. I'm scared of getting a job. (fyi. I wore the green ones. the first shoe in the picture.) Oh, and I made this coffee table. It's pretty much my favorite piece of furniture in the house. I'll do a tutorial of it sometime :] * Can't wait to decorate our tree this weekend! You won't even be able to see the tree it's going to have so many ornaments!! HA! I made a lot of bulb ornaments for our Christmas Tree :) Highlight of the Day:


  1. Hi There,

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  2. Aww, I love your banner! I think it has just the right amount of Christmas! If I have time I'm going to make one too! I'll be linking as well.

  3. i love that pic of the ornaments in the jar!!

  4. I can't wait to decorate my house... can't wait. I have to buy a tree and everything but can't wait. My tree will only be up for the "people over days" Lol


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