Keith: "You could tell a blind person that you're gonna go fly away and they wouldn't know if you did." LA: "Hunny-- they're blind, not stupid." * "That guy looked like humpty dumpty." * K: "Tom likes you more." LA: "He's with me all day hunny... we've just bonded a bit more so far." K: "But, we have dinks in common." * (regarding Jesus) Keith: "so was he part lamb?" * Can't wait to share a new craft with you tomorrow :) Ps. We watched the Brittney: For the Record 2x in a row last night. Love.


  1. Number 1: I want that pig. BAD

    Number 2: I love your convo's. Your SOO fun.

    Number 3: IS it bad that i just ate half of the box of Hostess Crumb Mini Donuts.... I love them. I just can't figure out what the crumb is made of?????

  2. your new banner is AWESOME!

    totally in love with it. :)

  3. LOVE those he said she said moments! So funny.


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