Personalized Christmas Ornaments are back!

Personalized is always so fun, especially when you have a name like 'Leigh-Ann' or 'Shoniqua'. (hehe) The first Christmas in my new home... my tree was bare and I was broke. I pulled out a mish mash of craft stuff...and these tiny tree ornaments were born. All my families names are on my tree, our pets too! :) PRICE Each ornament is only $4us. * When you order 8 Personalized Ornaments, you get an additional custom ornament... FREE! :) Please try to keep ornaments around 8 letters or less...they get too long looking otherwise. Select from 13 glass bulb colors and elegant antique-silver colored beads to spell you and your loved ones names! Great for Your Tree, as Gift Tags, Stocking Stuffers, and Gift Swaps (a set of Joy, Hope, Love would be so nice)! And if you order for your family, don't forget one for yourself too :) HOW TO ORDER Email me at ...list each name with the bulb colors' letter (ex. Kate, Bulb F). Also include your Name, Address and Paypal address. I will reply and send you a paypal invoice. BULB COLOR LIST A-Frost Vintage Green B-Shiny Vintage Pink C-Frost Vintage Blue D-Clear Blue E-Shiny Vintage Green F-Frost Vintage Pink G-Shiny Vintage Blue H-Clear Red J-Shiny Pink Ball (*only 3 left) K-Clear L-Clear Green N-Frost Pink Ball (*only 4 left) P-Clear Yellow SHIPPING Because these are glass bulbs, they need to be packaged very well. It is a flat rate for shipping no matter how many bulb ornaments you order... so maybe go together with a friend? You'll get more free (9th,18th, 27th...)) bulb ornaments that way too ;) Canada and USA Shipping: $7 International: $11 *Paypal only for this item. *Note the bulbs are decorative. They do not light up. *These are a Freckled Nest original design. Merry Love, Leigh-Ann


  1. They are adorable! But.. I thought you were supposed to be cutting back at FN craft shop? What the...? I'm happy that you're still ON!

  2. Love, Love, Love these! I will definitely be ordering some! How long will we have to order them? It will be a week or two before I'll have some extra money. So wonderful!

  3. The xmas ornaments look great babe! :) Love ya. P.S Keep an eye on Lola when she goes outside we don't want her getting on the roof ;)

  4. Those are really cute LA... I loved how you displayed your bulbs. What a cute idea.

    I was kinda bummed to see no class today :( On Elsie. Maybe she'll post something later.

    I thought your journal and Kieth's journal was very nice. I started drawing stuff today at work on my breaks on graph paper. I need to get a book.

    Talk to you later LA!!! Oh and thanks for the comment on my flickr. I'm glad you liked my quilt. I cant stop looking at it when I have it drapped over my lap when I watch TV

  5. I love these so much... and I still am so happy to see them hanging on my families trees.


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