our new journals :]

I started Elsie's class yesterday...and I looooooooooove it! I'm totally inspired and excited! Here are some of the pages from my new journal (using some of Elsie's prompts) :] Keith started a doodle journal too :) The girls in the chat think this is hot. Unhuh! Keith's Journal We were giggling our faces off...he drew Lola on the roof and tried to capture her fat tail. Keith's fave Nascar driver :) I was blushing... he made a secret LA in there ;) * Autumn... we took this picture for you ;)


  1. Love it. Great job. I haven't even started mine yet. I've got to get to work. Go Keith.

  2. Hi Leigh-Ann and Keith
    How are you both doing? Hope everything is flowing downhill now, you know what I mean (down the pipe, down the shoot, whatever).
    Thanks for your "defining words" Leigh-Ann. I love you!!!!
    How come Merlot wasn't in your favourite words Keith????Hmmmmm!!!
    Getting closer to knowing what car we want, down to a choice of 2, another re do test drive to do tomorrrow.
    Love Momma
    ps Is today Saturday or Sunday, one holiday and the week feels screwed up. Oh well it was nice.

  3. Hi Mom :)
    hehe, yes! The problem is fixed! The pill box is out of the toilet... and in the GARBAGE! ;)
    MOM! You're so right! Merlot shoulda been his #1!
    Keith is making Taco Tuesday right now :) Our favorite! I have a head cold now...(oh hush!, i know i'm always sick) and Keith took great care of me today. It was nice to have a day together today :) He worked on his car and it's really coming along!

    That's exciting! You guys have been on the research hunt for a good while! Kody's rubbed off on you good :) What are the 2 car choices?

    love you Momma :)
    ps. how are your kits coming along ;)

  4. Did you take the pills out of the container before you threw it away????heheeheheheh

    Oh don't tell me hush, you know better.
    WHERE ARE YOUR VITAMINS!!!!! THIS IS NOT HEHEHEEHEHEH!!!Take care of yourself La and you better start wearing a parka not your light fall jacket.

    We really like Nissan Murano SL, very luxurious, my first choice and I think Dad's too, but he won't say, more expensive but I think worth it. Never thought I would like it, I discouraged A. Sandy by going on what Kody said about it, he didn't really like it. The other is still the Ford Edge,which we're going to test again tomorrow, probably test the Murano on Thursday again, our salesman is off on Wed. We said we weren't going to be spontanious, and we've been doing well.

    Love Momma

  5. i thought about vitamins yesterday. i can hardly remember my current medicine and teeth whitening...never mind another thing to add. grr.
    ouch, i just wiped my eye and i have halepeno fingertips. eeeg.

    murano sounds nicer than an "edge". boo.

    and i AM wearing my parka mother. hmmph!

    love you! can't wait to see your new car!

    oh my goodness, keith is literally licking his plate clean!!!! and i am totally telling you!

  6. Hey there! I was just blog hopping through Elsie's class, and just wanted to sprinkle some happiness! I love your journal pages - I can tell you added your own personal touches. Awesome. Also, your pups are adorable. :) Have a good night!

  7. JALAPENO- "J' sounds like h in spanish

  8. that must be kody or mom... ;)

  9. super cute girlie!!! i'm off to work on mine:D

  10. loved seeing your journals! Thanks for sharing. haven't found one that I want to use yet... but I can't wait to start using the prompts.

  11. Definitely the best part of life :)

  12. your journal is amazing. can´t wait to show you mine. :)
    and keith, i think you rock with your journal!!! awesome!!!! :)

  13. Came from Elsie's :)

    Love your journal pages and that you and your guy are doing them together!

    Have fun!!!

  14. hello LA,

    i came to your site through elsiecake's online class. it was such a pleasure to peruse your journal pages. and your sweetheart's too. how delightful to journal along with your bestest. i love love your pages--the hints of colour, your handwriting. thanks for sharing.
    - lizzy

  15. i love love love what you did on the first page, i seriously sat with mine for about 5 minutes before forcing myself to actually draw in the first page!! It was a first for me too!!

  16. too cute:)
    I came through Elsie's class...

    I think its adorable your BF is doing a journal too!

  17. came from elsie's class page too...

    your journal is fab, so is your bf's! too cool!

    btw....i just adored that little chit chat between you and your mom. you can tell you two are very close and have a great relationship! you two are super cute the way you go back and forth with each other!


  18. Your journal pages look so funnn!! :)

  19. You have to be the funnest person i know... Your journal rocks...


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