(being lady gaga)

* So since I posted this, some people have asked what my Freckled Nest & blog future holds :) Yes, my blog will totally still continue :) Couldn't live without it. We don't know when we'll have a baby... when we reach our goals. But we're excited! Freckled Nest: I will still be creating/making stuff and taking orders. But my pursuit has changed. I will randomly update my etsy shop...but it won't always be stocked. Just when I feel like it...it'll be a hobby :) If you have other Q's... just leave them in the comments :)
Back to work. Today... I'm sorting buttons and getting things ready for a craft sale I'm doing tomorrow. Tom and Lola are sleeping beside me. Hugs!


  1. I took your lead and am doing one on Saturday - mostly my old painted signs and banister candlesticks. Good luck on yours! Hot pic of you btw!

  2. Yeah a word on speaking truth... some people just donno what to do with it... after that post that you did I did my own post and it had all my family calling wondering what in the world was wrong and if I was all set to leap off a bridge or something LOL. I get cha and I will be standing by as per my usual to enjoy your blog and sample your wears. Hobby on dear-ee.
    LA in CA


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