Book Bags, now for sale :)

Now available! Book Bags in Olive or Black :) Measures: 16" wide, 12" tall, 5.5" deep. 2 pockets, pen holder and large inside. Adjustable Strap: 29" shortest & 72" longest. The Book Bag is $30 + what you'd like embroidered on her :) Tonight while watching The Hills (eeek!), I made a little online catalogue :) It shows all the options for bags and things I stitch :) Check it out here :) Order now in time for Christmas :) This sick Goonies bag is all mine :) And I lovvvve it :) Have a great weekend! Our house is CLEEEEEAN! I say alot of words long right now. I'm Oprah. (Opraaaaah).


  1. oh leigh-ann, why do you always make such an awesome new products...;)
    this (or the messenger bag) would be perfect for my new "studies"! hihi. so, i could go on getting this instead of the new clothes. lol.
    i´ll have to e-mail you!!
    hugs classmate!!

  2. These bags are simply FANTASTIC! You are so very talented.

  3. I've been looking for a bag for a long time...and these are EXACTLY what I want!! Thanks!

  4. ahhh i love the Goonies! this is super duper cute :]

  5. These are adorable.... I like these bags a lot... I might be getting one of these very soon... lol

    Question.. Did you get all the bags that I sent you? Just wondering if I can throw out the packing slips.... I am sure you got them but just making sure.

  6. yay for grunion and i just watched it last night at our "sleepover" in the living room :) she would wig out if she saw the bags. how are you? we need to catch up for sure.


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