Why she fell for me...

My friend Teaque asked me to repost this one... she said it's why she fell for me. lol. "Winter Labyrinth", posted February 12, 2007
Ignore my blatent hossyness(oooh-better yet, 'pure hossnicity') in this picture. I left the house in a jiffy---I woke up at 8:50 to Lola barking. She rarely barks. The Mailman was knocking!! YEEEEEE>Button Day!!! I ran to the door and he was already zooming off. 3 minutes later, i'm like, "I can go find him/my buttons!" After about 5 minutes of searching(that's my number so i don't sound like a dork, it was 20minutes at least!) searching like a mouse to her cheese, I found him!! He gladly gave me my 3lb 11oz package of glass buttons, and i merrily drove away. :) Realizing, 1) that i am crazy 2)that i'm swimming in glass in no time! My new 709 Vintage Glass Buttons are beautiful!! My intention is to use them more often on my Freckled Nest Albums, but honestly, i don't know how i'll part. Baa. And wonderful Marin the Gypsy, gave me lots of extra treats(more great buttons), very nice!! Thanks Marin! You rock! Or should i say "You Button!" >>Cue the rolling the eyes of everyone. lol.


  1. You look very pretty in this picture Leigh-Ann, I love you lots :) See you at 5

  2. Awwww! (Comment above)

    Cute story BTW, cant wait to see some new botton stuff.

  3. awww - it STILL makes me smile - so do you and your stories!!

  4. lol.... Too funny.
    I love your stories too LA.


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