Ignore my blatent hossyness(oooh-better yet, 'pure hossnicity') in this picture. I left the house in a jiffy---I woke up at 8:50 to Lola barking. She rarely barks. The Mailman was knocking!! YEEEEEE>Button Day!!! I ran to the door and he was already zooming off. 3 minutes later, i'm like, "I can go find him/my buttons!" After about 5 minutes of searching(that's my number so i don't sound like a dork, it was 20minutes at least!) searching like a mouse to her cheese, I found him!! He gladly gave me my 3lb11oz package of glass buttons, and i merrily drove away. :) Realizing, 1) that i am crazy 2)that i'm swimming in glass in no time! My new 709 Vintage Glass Buttons are beautiful!! My intention is to use them more often on my Freckled Nest Albums, but honestly, i don't know how i'll part. Baa. And wonderful Marin the Gypsy, gave me lots of extra treats(more great buttons), very nice!! Thanks Marin! You rock! Or should i say "You Button!" >>Cue the rolling the eyes of everyone. lol. PS> There's another new post right below...


  1. I am proud to be the first to comment on this entry.

    1) Yes you are crazy!
    2) All this for BUTTONS?
    3) Perhaps I should dress up like a button

    Anywas, I love your brand of CRAZY, so keep going.

    I love you, even in Ken (mailman) thinks you are a wakko!


  2. I agree - you're nuts! It's totally something I see you doing tho, I can't say I'm suprized. You are almost as impatient as me!

  3. Have you ever heard of "ADDICTIONS ANONYMOUS"???
    Did he ask for ID to make sure it was really you???? Oh what's with me, no one else would order over 700 buttons, or know what was in the parcel.
    I need to go to counselling for my daughters habit.

  4. rotflmao!!!!!
    search and you shall find......
    YOUR BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey LA--Sue Ann says that apparently Penny has buy 10 get 10 free on at her shop right now.
    Sue Ann really liked the albums, call me when you get home...some good news!!!


  6. HA! Well, I would love to see it if Tyson really does dress up like a button! That'd be fantastic! "Hey there Tyson.....".......anyways, Leigh-Ann I didn't uncover the mystery of any inside jokes. sorry friend. I must be slow tonight! :) let me in on the secret!

  7. ok.
    1) INSANE, not crazy.
    2) you are like the sequel to "runaway bride" with Richard Gere chasing Julia Roberts in the Fed Ex truck...only your sequel would be "runaway button"...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I love your sense of humour...you make me smile!!
    congrats on your new found treasure!! have fun!


  8. Is it crazy that I don't think that's crazy at all? I had no idea that they'd just give you your package. I thought they HAD to put it in the box. My poor mailman. He has no idea what's in store for him... I see a towel draped woman clutching his bumper in the not too distant future :-)


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