Happy Thanksgiving :]

Our families heading to the cabin tomorrow! It Thanksgiving long weekend and we're having Turkey Dinner together :) We'll be back Monday & Keith is back to work on Tuesday. We watched FlightPlan while crafting last night, and oh-boy-suspense! It was pretty good! And we watched Speed; took a Keanu break from Point Break (been watching that a lot lately). Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm so thankful for all of you! Love Leigh-Ann


  1. You totally threw me. I was like Thanksgiving? Eh? that isn't til November but I forget that we are in two different countries! SO HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope it is fabulous! I am thankful for you too. I am certain you are one of those rare gems who never meets a stranger and I am glad to be amongst the new found friends on the web. Love Lacy

  2. happy thanksgiving la! btw, do you eat turkey on thanksgiving too? made by real live pilgrims??? hahaha, i'm in dork mode right now, forgive.

    give tom and lola big wet lickery kisses for me!



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