hello moto

We just had homemade tacos for supper (probably our favorite meal)... and we crafted all weekend and hung out at our friend Sean's (and jumped on his trampoline...I LOVE TRAMPOLINES)...and now we're watching a charming little show called "Brooke Knows Best". hehe. I think I'm catching a cold. I have lots of computer work to do this week, so that'll be good if I'm sick. Exciting: I'm caught up on everything... finished my custom orders, packed and shipped everything out, photographed all the new stuff and have a ton of cool things to add to the shop! Soon soon :)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I do have a cold so I hope you're not gettin gone. Can't wait to see your shop update. Congrats on being caught up.

  2. Remember at camp - TACOS!!!! Best night ever!


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