the sumpin sumpins

New product: Small Album, 3.5x3.5. They'll be in the Shop soon, Kristen gets the first one :) The last little album is an Oversized Tiny Photobooth Album (you can journal under your cut photobooth pictures or squeeze two cut photobooth pictures in it). That's the sumpin sumpin for the next person who buys something :) ADDED: Marybeth gets it :) Kristen (whose also having a giveaway) picked this and this with her $15 FN Gift Certificate :) We'll draw the winners tomorrow; you can still enter here :) Off to buy some Coke...we're out (ie. I drank it all)! Oh! They just said Merlot on Seinfeld.


  1. Momma @ the beach8/28/2008 01:18:00 pm

    Are the 3 books you're holding purse notebooks, I really like the bird one and the green flower ones Leigh-Ann. If the flower one is a burse notebook, I'll buy that one.

    Stop buying coke, if you don't have it, you won't drink it.

    I bought a bunch of new glasses yesterday when in town, (in for CPR)drinking ones and new wine glasses for the "Merlot", tell Keith about that one.

    Love Momma

  2. I love these pictures of you... and your new stuff looks good. Thank you for the links and I love my new 3.5 3.5. I am sooo happy and cant wait to get ALL my goodies from you. YUM.


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