I've been having fun lately doing Notebook Mania! I can't stop making notebooks! lol. They're taking over! Getting ready for Christmas & Etsy shop update soon :)


  1. Hello LA, I see your ATG Gun in the picture and just want to tell you thanks for the advice on buying one. I love, love, love it. Of course it took sometime figuring out how to use it, you know remembering that you have to push the button. LOL I wish I could get my papers to line up as nice as your notebooks do. I made a book recently for a girl at work for a baby and hardly any of my pages lined up nice. I don't know if it is my cutter, or user error. Oh Well, Take Care and Hugs

  2. but hey, your notebooks rock! :)
    keep on doing them!! hihi.

  3. *sigh*

    i'm so lost on mine :*(

  4. OH I Bet the Christmas at Freckled Nest this year is going to ROCK... Cant wait to see all your goodies


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