i'm addicted to chocolate.

Our internet has been real sneeky lately, working in short increments and being silly. Hard to post and we have lots of things to put in the etsy... it's mega! So I'll try my best to post tomorrow before we go to the cabin. Hope you're all good! Love LA :]


  1. woot! can't wait to see what you've been up to, i'm ready to be inspired so bring it!

    have fun at the cabin!

    ps. did you pencil in the cabin time on your new *planner* lol. i kid i kid :)

  2. Love your bouquet of buttons. So pretty.

  3. My polariod book arrived! I LOVE IT! The packaging was totally cute, very LA like! : ) Thank you so much, Leigh Ann! You are the bestest! Can't wait to see your new etsy goodies. Have a fun weekend! xo

  4. Me too....
    Me too.....
    I REALLY Love chocolate.


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