over the weekend...

Keith and I went to the flea market, a movie (Pineapple Express), delicious dinner, cuddled lots, family bbq (sans bbq, lol), crafted, cleaned the house, and pretty much had a blast. I love this man so much. He's the most incredible person and I'm so lucky to be with him :) Happy Monday!


  1. i know how you feel...very blessed at this end too!

  2. what did you think of p-apple express?

  3. JUST GOT MY BAG! Woohoo! Thanks for the perfection, Leigh-Ann.

  4. I love you guys together.
    I think he is perfect!
    and your perfect!
    and you are perfect together.

    Hey I went to a yard sale this weekend and found some great things too.. A couple things didn't work like I thought they would. Sooo I am reselling them. Check them out in my last post.

  5. aww, it seems you´ve had a really nice weekend together!
    you´re so cute together. :)

  6. Momma @ the beach8/19/2008 11:07:00 am

    Glad you both had a good weekend, sounds like it was fun. Find anything special at the flea market, ?any chairs?, keep your eyes open for them.
    I shouldn't say this, it will age me, but I kind of remember this creamsicle ad, definatly remember that kind of packaging.
    I love you Leigh-Ann and Keith :)

    Love Momma


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