the weekend

Up the ladder, installing rings on the potlights. Mom in the background "whipping up pies". This little miss ate half a pie on Saturday(for real!), Grandma gave her some apples, I gave her some chips, I let her lick the measuring cup from the pancake batter and she had 2 portions of her dogfood. She had the best day of her life. Sunday morning, I woke up and dried some dishes that were beside the sink. I broke into tears though when I came across this teapot. Over 5 years ago, I had painted this with Tyson on our honeymoon, and until I dried the inside, I'd forgotten that I'd written some special things inside of it. I was brought back to that moment and could remember it too clearly. My eyes started welling up and I couldn't hold back. The pain is still so strong, and hurts so bad, and too often. I wanted to smash the teapot onto the ground. Keith knew what was wrong and just hugged me. He's so great and very understanding. At that point I was bawling, and Mom put the teapot away and is going to get a new one. It's still so hard coming across those memories and reminders. After breakfast, Keith and I took Lola to the beach and she went swimming and chased rocks. Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Lemonlaws... Our family helped Grandpa's neighbor erect a city-size street light in their yard. Then Keith and I went on their trampoline and double jumped each other. I LOVE trampolines!! After supper, I needed to reconnect with peace and nature. I went into the forest (where Amanda, Kody, Holly and I used to build forts as kids) and picked wild blueberries. I just sat there in the moss singing to myself and picking the sweetest prettiest berries :) I fed them to Keith (and me) for breakfast this morning, and it felt so exciting. Oh! My favorite show is on right now... Rob & Big! And I'm adding more pretties to the shop today and tomorrow...till I'm done :) Happy Monday!


  1. Weird question: you said "where Amanda, Kody, Holly and I used to build forts as kids". I know Amanda is your sister and Kody is your brother but who is Holly?

    Just thought I'd say hi, we haven't chatted in a while. Miss you.


  2. Hi Bobbi :)
    Holly is our cousin :) She's Amanda's age and her mom and our mom are sisters and best friends so we all spent lots of time together :) People have said we look alike...actually one time, i was at a garage sale across the city and a stranger asked me if a girl named Holly was my sister! She thought our voices sounded alike and we looked alike :) Here's a picture of us last year,

    Miss you too :)

  3. Great Pictures.
    Looks like you had an amazing time.

  4. i finished my notebook!!!! i'm very proud of it. and kinda scared to start writing in it (it's so perfect right now!) jerrie has yet to make hers... i get to see her this weekend so i'll have to make her do it:) have a happy week!

  5. so understand the teapot moment. i had one myself this weekend when a certain song was on and i fell to pieces...sounds like your weekend was full and wonderful!!

  6. Momma @ the beach8/25/2008 09:27:00 pm

    It was great to have you and Keith out at the lake this weekend Leigh-Ann. Good pics too. The teapot is taken care of, have to get a new one yet.
    Love Momma
    Hugs & Kisses

  7. You do look alike!

  8. That's alot of potatoes!

  9. I hate Carl Edwards, he is a Ken Doll :|

  10. I hope you look around and see how many people love you and the joy you give yourself when you make things. Thoe "teapot" moments will always happen at the oddest times, but the trick is to count your blessings and be happy with what you DO have. Keithcake is a good man for understanding and giving you a hug.



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