30 Notebook Kits for Sale

T The Instructions show step-by-step photos & explanations. These instructions will allow you to remake this Notebook again and again :] Crafty Level Needed: You can do it :) * * Only one of each style available: (Note: I named the Kits after my family members :) The kits are not gender specific.) (Amanda listed on etsy HERE) ("Brian" - SOLD to Evan from Texas) (Diana listed on etsy HERE) (Gerry listed on etsy HERE) (Guy listed on etsy HERE) ("Holly" - SOLD to Inka from Finland) (Jack listed on etsy HERE) (Keith listed on etsy HERE) ("Kennedy" - SOLD to Jerrie from Texas) (Kerry listed on etsy HERE) (Kim listed on etsy HERE) (Kody listed on etsy HERE) ("Lola" - SOLD to Leo from Ireland)
("Sandra" - SOLD to Momma from 9 blocks away) ("Shar" - SOLD to Sharmaine from Tasmania, AU) * 8 ( %
(How to Purchase a Kit)
In the comments of this post, please write: 1. Your Name 2. Your email & paypal email 3. Which kit (name) do you want? 4. Do you want 'Sticker Covers' for $4? 5. Cdn/USA or International Shipping? ...but first look if anybody else has bought it. % If you have a coupon from a previous kit or purchase, please write the coupon code AND your-name with your order. Discount will be applied onto Paypal Invoice. %* *Kits will be shipped out this Tuesday (29th) ^ I hope you like :) Happy Summer! ^ Hehe... I wanted to build all these notebooks I loved them so much. I asked Keith if he could buy me the 'Leigh-Ann' one ;) jk.


  1. jerrie wants kennedy!!!
    1. pilotgrrl jerrie.sanford@gmail.com
    2. yes for sticker covers
    3. USA shipping and my coupon!!!


  2. Hi Leigh-Ann
    WHAT a cute idea with the names, very original. I like the colours of my journal, but I really like Sandra's so much that I am going to buy it, Sandra's journal that is. I'll need a hands on toutorial though. You know where I live.

    Love Momma

  3. I wanted Leigh Ann til I saw you've got dibs! Then I wanted Sandra but your mom's got dibs! We've got great taste!
    1. Evan
    2. revsanford@gmail.com
    3. Brian
    4. yep
    5. USA shipping...

    I'm using my coupon you sent to Jerrie...

    I'm so excited!

  4. OOPS! I forgot to leave my info for you Leigh-Ann.

    1. Momma (Sharon)
    2.slmclaughlin@shaw.ca No paypal, hand delievery.
    3. Sandra kit.
    4.yes to sticker cover
    5.Hand shipping, by car, by walking, could be shipped to the lake, but it's still Canada
    No charge shipping

    Love Momma

  5. these are awesome!!! :)

    1. inka
    2. inkalaajoki@gmail.com
    3. holly for me please
    4. no thanks
    5. international
    and i have the coupon. :) *tweet*

  6. Oh my how can I say no?? I CAN'T!!! I AM WEAK lol
    1. Sharmaine
    2. skruijver@hotmail.com
    3. Shar (see I just can't say no!)
    4. Yes please, but watch me botch it when I stick it down.. sticky things hate me
    5. International Baby!!

    Yipeee to being weak lol

  7. Super cute, LA! Another bit of creative genius from. Keep creating darling girl, it's your gift!

  8. I wish that I could buy one of your beautiful note books *sigh*

    I just came across your blog and I think I am in love!

  9. Holy Moly Look at all of these yummies...You've been a very busy girl. I would love to buy one but need to be a little more fruggle these days as I just bought a new vehicle and haven't had a car payment in the last 10 yrs. I go pick it up Sat. A.M. I will post pictures.

    These are beautiful!!!

  10. Ok, too tempting, I'm sucked in by the prettifulness!

    1. Leo
    2. lmckewan@gmail.com
    3. Lola!
    4. Sticker covers sound like a good idea.
    5. International shipping please!

    Coupon code TWEET from the spring kit :)

    It was a very tricky decision, there were quite a few I wanted!

  11. Very cute Leigh-Ann!!!

    I like a lot!

  12. These colour combos are awesome! Sooooo pretty :)

  13. dude, i love the colors in the keith and leigh-ann ones...olive/avocado-ish with black and white= yummy! you so talented!

  14. Leigh-Ann! It's Rachael. I've been creeping for awhile now, but too lazy to make a comment. This is just fabulous! You've come so far since the bird river days haha. you should sell some hemp gear just for nostalgic value. I love love love this notebook business, but i'm not crafty enough to put together my own. I also think it's been far too long since I've seen you. I move back to wpg this saturday - let's hang out i miss you! mckay should come too because i miss her too and i know she's always checking this thing out :)


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