it's coming...

The Summer Kits will be out soon soon. Tonight or tomorrow :) 30 different styles. First come, first serve. Keith calls this "the coffin" and "can we please close it?"


  1. o ma, o man, o man!!! I cant wait! I didn't go to work today...and I woke up around noon....thought I missed the kit...since ur an early bird and all!


  2. Ooooooh! *squeeeeees*

    It's like waiting for Christmas and your birthday! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I can't wait to me tomorrow when it's ready if you don't mind honey. My work computer is CRAZY and won't always display the latest update!! Thanks honey!

  4. I'm a day behind so I can officially say that those kits are awesome - colour wonder Lady LA.

    Keith is so right - that lining is totally Transalvania. Isn't it fun to have something to threaten him with though. "Don't make me get the suitcase out!"

  5. Keith is funny!!!!
    I like him!

    Guess what I went to my first Vintage/thrift store
    I loved it... No money to buy anything but I am going back.


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